Sialum compound

Sialum compound becomes war zone as police move in

According to Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr, there were reports of  causalities from this morning’s fight but has yet to confirm the number of casualties with the Police investigators at the hospital.

The two parties were already preparing a peace reconciliation of which the Sialums had already brought food stuff and cows to precede however, another unfortunate incident instigated the fight to erupt again.

Ethnic clash leaves one dead and houses burnt down in Lae

The fight had first started on Saturday night when there was a confrontation between some groups of people in the area.

All the while, a youth who began acting violently came up on a group of people playing cards and demanded they give him money. These were the same group who had attacked  him earlier for demanding money from them.

The youth went away only to converge with a group of people to start a fight.