Lae Police

Police caution against policy

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, is urging the Government to consider a win-win solution for both business houses and PNG citizens.

Less than 400 police officers patrol the suburbs of Lae city.

Chief superintendent Kunyanban said police had to standby at Mainland Holdings starting Monday, the 30th of August, when the CEO and a safety officer were attacked.

Gold buyer robbed, police on lookout

It was business as usual on Monday morning for gold buying company, Golden Valley Enterprise.

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said the employees were on their usual business run when they were ambushed near the company premises.

“They attacked them and got K25,000 in cash and when the security intervened to stop the robbers, he was shot at and he is now hospitalised,” said chief supt Kunyanban.

Execution-style killing denied

Chinatown and Bumbu residents claimed that suspects from an armed robbery had surrendered after a shootout at Bumbu between 10 and 11pm. The residents alleged that in spite of that, the suspects were killed by police.

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, refuted the allegations, saying after robbing a gold buyer at Markham Haus, market area, police chased the suspects, where a shootout ensued from the Lae Yacht Club down to the Pistol Club towards Bumbu.

“There was no surrender of suspects during the encounter,” stated Chief Superintendent Kunyanban.

Opportunists damage Eriku shop

Security guards manning the Asian-owned shop, called ‘Oriental’, reported that a large group aggressively approached the outlet at around 8.30am and started vandalising it.

“The guards were here but the crowd approached and we started moving them,” Simon Haruma said. 

“Two of our vehicles that were here radioed to the base and reinforcements arrived.”

A warning shot was issued to disperse the crowd, where the armed guards moved in to secure the shop.

Two suspects have been apprehended and handed over to police. One of them was caught whilst in the shop.

Residents cautioned of new criminal trends

Chief superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said petty criminals are changing tactics, especially at the main bus stops.

Commuters in Lae have been warned to remain vigilant as petty criminals have now changed the way they conduct their activities due to constant police presence and CCTVs.

Kunyanban said petty thieves sometimes pose as PMV bus drivers or crew, where they stand near buses and call out the route. Commuters, believing their scam, would lower their guard. Once the bus drives off, the thugs would turn on the nearby commuters and rob them.

Lae leaders urged to assist police

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, issued this appeal in his New Year message.

The Lae metropolitan command will begin its New Year operations starting at 6pm this evening and ending at 6am on January 1st, 2021.

They will be visiting every suburb and especially the settlements to ensure residents peacefully welcome the New Year.

Considering their limited logistics and manpower, Kunyanban is calling on the community to help them.

Frustrated Lae residents petition police

Today, concerned members presented a petition to the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, giving the law enforcers 14 days to respond to their demands.

A petition calling for immediate police action against petty criminals at bus stops was handed to the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban.

The petition had 712 signatures on paper, while social media support is still pouring in.

Holding cells overcrowded: Lae police

Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said this was a factor behind a recent escape from the cells.

Kunyanban said detainees recently cut through the Lae holding cells fence and escaped when they were taken out to have their shower.

And while the fence has been fixed, the problem still remains; and that is overcrowding.

Kunyanban said while those who escaped were held for minor crimes, the cells also have people who have been remanded as well as convicted prisoners.

Lae police praised for by-election conduct

Operations Commander, Chief Inspector John Daviaga, thanked his men and women for behaving and working well together to witness the election of a new Member of Parliament for Menyamya.

Newly-elected MP, Benjamin Philip, also commended the men and women in blue for ensuring a safe election.

He said: “I have witnessed their conduct and I must commend them for a great job throughout the election. They have indeed demonstrated a great deal of policing and I say thank you.”

Police awareness on scam messages

For example, mobile phone users are not immune to random text messages telling them they are the lucky winners of a huge amount of money. Because of this, Lae police have decided to raise awareness on the issue.

Lae police recently highlighted that a group of people are texting random mobile users, scamming them into thinking they have won a large sum of money.

In response, police have advised the public to be critical when receiving messages that seem too good to be true – because they probably are.