Opportunists damage Eriku shop

A shop at Eriku, in Lae, suffered extensive damages today after opportunists attempted to loot it.

Security guards manning the Asian-owned shop, called ‘Oriental’, reported that a large group aggressively approached the outlet at around 8.30am and started vandalising it.

“The guards were here but the crowd approached and we started moving them,” Simon Haruma said. 

“Two of our vehicles that were here radioed to the base and reinforcements arrived.”

A warning shot was issued to disperse the crowd, where the armed guards moved in to secure the shop.

Two suspects have been apprehended and handed over to police. One of them was caught whilst in the shop.

Shops and business houses around the city have closed with empty bus stops in and outside city limits. 

Lae police mobilised in the morning and went around the city to restore law and order following reports of unrests at various areas.

A convoy of around eight police vehicles and a remandee van went all the way to Nine-Mile, removing debris, empty drums and burnt tyres from the roads as well as reprimanding unruly residents.

The areas from Four-Mile to Nine-Mile have proven to be a challenge, with large gatherings of settlers and opportunists near the roadside. 

While the situation within the city has calmed since then, police are advising residents to remain at home. 

Carmella Gware
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