Lae Police

Police toughen stance on sexual offense cases

The Lae Metropolitan Superintendent commander Anthony Wagambie Junior, who is also the chairman of the Family sexual violence Action committee-Morobe, said sexual offences ranging from child molestation, sexual touching, rape and incest are some of the very serious crimes that sometimes are never properly addressed.

He said this may be due to, relatives or communities agreeing to certain conditions including compensations or out of court settlements, thus resulting in perpetrators walking away without being dealt with accordingly.

Guns confiscated in Lae police operations

The suspect was armed with a homemade gun.

Lae’s Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambi Junior said his men were able to apprehend the suspect and retrieve the homemade gun.

In Tent City, police on foot beat patrol after midnight, apprehended two men caught with a factory made flare gun and a homemade gun.

Another seven youths, all male were apprehended by police’s Sector Response Unit, along the freeway.

They were responsible for burning tires on the road and stoning a police vehicle that tried stopping them.

Lae police stop robbery attempt

Lae’s Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambi Junior said, their attempt was foiled by members of the Sector Response Unit (SRU) who were on foot patrol at that location.

One of the men had a homemade gun with him and open fired.

Police gave warning shots and managed to push them back into their streets, when they returned fire.

Police pursued them giving warning shots, however the men got mixed up in the crowd celebrating New Year.

In fear of shooting bystanders, police left.

Lae police maintain festive operations

The police Christmas operations is running alongside a combined Traffic Police and Morobe Land Transport Board operations.

"Overall I am quite satisfied with the way Police Operations was conducted over the weekend.

“I thank all my personnel for their commitment towards their duties over the weekend", says the Lae Metropolitan police commander, Anthony Wagambie junior.

Wagambie says that his personnel are now ready for the New Year celebrations, just a few days away.

Suspects detained for Lae Christmas attack

If not for the Lae police intervening the woman and many others, could have faced a different fate.

The Lae Metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, says this incident was one of the major incidents reported during the police Christmas operations.

He said police were alerted just in the nick of time adding that about three Police units went into the nearby New Rocks block in pursuit of the suspects.

Lae residents warned

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, says in the meantime that his personnel are awaiting the particulars of the escapees from the Correctional Services.

Wagambie is warning all Lae residence to be vigilant at this time as the escapees are considered dangerous.

At about 1:30pm on Sunday 16 Prisoners armed with sharp iron rods over – powered two CIS officers at the gate and broke out.

However, quick response by one of the CIS duty officers alerted CS Personnel, which resulted in 4 of the 16 inmates being recaptured.

Lae police warn careless drivers

The Lae Metropolitant police commander, Anthony Wagambie junior is warning drivers to be careful and mindful when behind the wheel.

This comes after a near collision which could have caused the lives of police officers on duty in Lae on Saturday.

This accident involved a heavy truck and police vehicle allocated to the Sector response unit.

According to Wagambie traffic investigations found that the driver of the heavy truck was heavily intoxicated and speeding.

He overtook a vehicle, after turning into the Milfordhaven road heading towards Eriku.

Wanted criminal shot dead

The notorious criminal who was also wanted for a string of armed robberies was shot along the river bank after police were alerted through the toll free number, when a couple was attacked by the deceased and three other criminals.

The couple were the second pair to be attacked around 6pm yesterday; the man was stabbed three times, on his neck, stomach and thighs..   When police intervened, the deceased, armed with a knife and homemade gun opened fired; he was shot during the gun fight.

The victim accompanied by his wife were taken to the hospital where he now recovers. 

Lae police now on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp account is linked to the 24-hr toll free emergency number 7090 3300, which was launched recently.

Lae metropolitan supt, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, says this is another initiative to keep police contact accessible.

The first two steps were through the creation of a Facebook page and then a police emergency toll free number.

The Facebook page is utilised more as a public relations and information sharing tool, which allows users to know what Lae Police is doing and to disseminate information.

Lae PMV operators put on notice

Met Supt Wagambie said vehicle owners know the rules and regulations but continue to defy them to make money.

He is warning PMV operators to get their act together and start looking at fixing up their buses or replacing the old buses if possible.

Wagambie says that this warning must be adhered to, or penalties will be taken; Traffic rules apply, and these un-roadworthy PMV’s pose great risks on commuters as well as the traveling public.