Golden Valley Enterprise

Help with suspects’ information: Police

Two major robberies were conducted in Lae city recently; one was on the night of Saturday, June 26th, where gold buyers at Markham Haus were robbed off their money and gold valuing between K100,000-K200,000. Another incident was on August 9th when staff of gold buying company, Golden Valley Enterprise, were attacked and K25,000 cash was stolen from them.

Gold buyer robbed, police on lookout

It was business as usual on Monday morning for gold buying company, Golden Valley Enterprise.

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said the employees were on their usual business run when they were ambushed near the company premises.

“They attacked them and got K25,000 in cash and when the security intervened to stop the robbers, he was shot at and he is now hospitalised,” said chief supt Kunyanban.

Parker gets 13-year sentence

Parker was found guilty on May 29 for manslaughter over the unlawful assault of Lapan Nason on June 6, 2015, that led to his death two days later.

He was convicted on the lesser homicide charge of manslaughter, after he stood trial over the charge of wilful murder.

Trial judge and Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, in sentencing Parker, said the violence applied on the late Nason and the confrontational behaviour by Parker was totally unnecessary.

Justin Parker allowed K10,000 bail

A three-man Supreme Court bench granted bail to Parker at K10,000 just before lunch-time today. The decision comes after two bail applications in the National Court were refused on June 6 and Sept 10, 2015.

Parker has spent 18 months remanded at Bomana since he surrendered to police in June 2015.

The court was satisfied he has spent reasonable time in custody since he was committed to stand trial in December 2015.

At the time bail was granted, Parker spent 12 months in remand after he was committed to stand trial.