Lae Police

CCTV cameras work wonders for police

The two cameras, brought in from China, were installed on the 7th of April, and have seen the arrest of over 20 offenders under a week.

On Saturday, police apprehended and arrested six men for petty crimes.

One was seen tampering with a parked vehicle in an attempt to gain entry.

Since the installation of the two CCTV cameras last weekend, Police have reported an orderly market area and bus stop.

Lae police launch CCTV

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, attributed this to the support of three members of the Chinese community in Lae.

“We were approached by them and asked how they could help Police in securing a safer community in Lae,” he stated.

“Lae Market was identified as one of our ‘hot spots’ where petty crimes, street selling, vehicle tampering and general harassment of the public took place.

“This was agreed upon and two High Definition rotating CCTVs were purchased from China and brought into Lae.

Suspect shot dead during attempted hijacking

The Special Response Unit 102 patrol area covers Nawaeb Block and Miles area up to Nadzab. There are always two units on patrol within the area at all times.

Today at about 11am, one of the SRU 102 patrol was travelling inbound Lae City when they came across three armed men. The three were standing in the middle of the road, attempting to hold up vehicles travelling on the opposite of the freeway – driving out of Lae.

Woman’s body floats downriver, husband detained

On March 15th, community leaders at Four-Mile Kandis Market reported to police a missing person using the Lae police emergency toll free number.

Three-Mile police attended and were told that a man and his wife had gone to their garden early in the morning, at about 5.30am, but the husband returned alone at around 10am and reported that his wife had gone missing.

A search conducted by the community proved to be unsuccessful.

Police gave them until the next day to continue searching or to wait and see if she returns home.

Principal arrested over alleged sexual penetration

Lae police claim the incident occurred on the 13th of March, 2019, at about 2.30pm.

The principal, who is also a director of a private school at Papuan Compound, had abused the trust of the small girl, aged 10 years old. The girl is a relative to the suspect from his wife's side.

“The school is located next to his residence where he told the child to go to the house where he will photocopy some paper for her,” Lae police report.

“It was there that the child was allegedly abused by the principal.

Tough stance against street vendors, petty criminals

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said police have been making an average of about 15 arrests a day.

“I have issued directives that there will be no spot fines issued to those offenders. Police will only make arrests when they are caught in the act,” he stated.

“Spot fines were previously issued by the City Council but this has not had any effect.

“It also has the tendency of being abused where accepting bribes crept in.

Lae police work to curb petty crimes

The issue is being addressed jointly by Lae police management and the Office of Member for Lae, John Rosso.

“I had called for the removal of new illegal squatter settlements last year. A working committee was set up but it has somewhat slowed down on its efforts. I will again push for this as the bulk of street sellers and petty criminals come from these new illegal settlements,” said Lae metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

Lae police commends community

Lae’s Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambi, said Lae has had a bad  reputation however this time around, he said they managed to carry out the operations without any violence erupting.

The double header rugby league game was held peacefully in Lae on Sunday, with police and PNGDF personnel deployed all around the venue and also inside.

Drunks and would be trouble makers were prevented from entering the area, whilst gate crashers were kept at bay.

Lae police ready for Intrust Cup Game game

Lae Metro Police boss Anthony Wagambie Jnr said police expect a massive turn out of people coming in into Lae from other Morobe districts and provinces even.

He said police operations will be in full swing to ensure the match is played without disruption.

Lae’s Mobile Squad 13 have returned from Madang after operations and will be deployed to the Lae League along with other police units.

The Defence Force at Igam Barracks will have a Platoon deployed to assist with crowd and perimeter control as well.

Major crackdown in Lae land grabbing

Police see land grabbing as a breeding ground for lawlessness.

Lae police boss, Chief Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr, said they will work in unison with other public stakeholders to crack down on illegal settlements.

“We will join forces with Lands and other stakeholders and demolish those squatter settlements. These are some of the sources of uprising law and order issues in the city,” he said.

Wagambie Jr said these agencies are ready to work but due to issues like harassment, they do not perform.