Lae Police

Bangladeshi charged with sexual assault

Between 1st of February to 30th of September 2019, then suspect, Howlader Ripol, allegedly continuously harassed two female (names withheld) employees while working for Somi Enterprise located within the Papuan Compound.

According to a statement obtained from the 19-year-old victim, she was harassed whilst performing her duties on numerous occasions.

Most times, police were told the suspect watches porn videos on his cellphone and tells the victim to watch with him but the female employee refuses when realising that the movies contain sexual contents.

New Madang ward members in police custody

The suspects, who are Madang-based, were driving into Lae when they were stopped at Eriku near LFA and searched by Special Response Unit 102.

They allegedly found quantities of drugs under the front passenger seat.

“The driver of the vehicle was also found to be carrying a loaded factory made pistol with live ammunition. The pistol has been confiscated with the person in possession of it, a newly elected Council Ward Member, arrested and charged for being unlicensed,” reported Lae police.


Armed gang members shot dead

At about 12.30pm on Friday, an armed robbery was carried out in a busy shopping area by a gang who had stolen a 15-seater bus earlier.

Lae police report that the bus was stolen with passengers onboard next to the Sir Ignatius Kilage stadium.

“Criminals posing as genuine passengers held up the bus crew and passengers and directed them to Two-Mile, where the rest of the gang was,” reported police.

Missing child ends up in officer’s home

On July 1st, without her family noticing, she ran after her elder brother who had gone to Kamkumung market in Lae.

Lae police said: “Along the way, she was enticed by a young man believed to be from Highlands, when he gave her a K2 and told her that they would buy lollies. He then got her on a PMV bus with him and travelled to the Raun Wara area.

Escapee wounded, apprehended

Lae police report that he had escaped from Buimo Correctional Services and was apprehended, sent back only to escape again when he was transferred to Barawagi CS, Simbu.

“Police had been receiving telephone calls that there had been attempted armed hold up in the area. SRU 104 was on routine patrol when they came across the escapee, who was armed with a homemade gun,” police stated.

Police intervened where the suspect was shot in the leg and apprehended.

Lae police seek opinion on buai chewing, smoking

Metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, clarified that this does not include residential areas and established markets that trade betelnut.

“We are seeking your opinion if we should ban this at Top Town, Eriku shopping centre, bus stops and other public areas,” he said.

“We continue to have street sales because there is a market for it, meaning people continue to buy betelnut and cigarettes from these street vendors. If people stop buying then there would not be a reason for them to sell.

63 arrests since CCTV installation: Lae police

The identification of perpetrators and their apprehension, leading to formal arrests, has been made possible through the use of CCTV.

“The 63 arrests have been made by Market Police and Special Response Unit 101 members,” said metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

“These are mainly street vending, drunk and disorderly behaviour and traffic offences at the bus stop. Unauthorised PMV crew or most commonly called ‘K5 boss crew’ here in Lae have also been apprehended and arrested.

CCTV cameras work wonders for police

The two cameras, brought in from China, were installed on the 7th of April, and have seen the arrest of over 20 offenders under a week.

On Saturday, police apprehended and arrested six men for petty crimes.

One was seen tampering with a parked vehicle in an attempt to gain entry.

Since the installation of the two CCTV cameras last weekend, Police have reported an orderly market area and bus stop.

Lae police launch CCTV

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, attributed this to the support of three members of the Chinese community in Lae.

“We were approached by them and asked how they could help Police in securing a safer community in Lae,” he stated.

“Lae Market was identified as one of our ‘hot spots’ where petty crimes, street selling, vehicle tampering and general harassment of the public took place.

“This was agreed upon and two High Definition rotating CCTVs were purchased from China and brought into Lae.

Suspect shot dead during attempted hijacking

The Special Response Unit 102 patrol area covers Nawaeb Block and Miles area up to Nadzab. There are always two units on patrol within the area at all times.

Today at about 11am, one of the SRU 102 patrol was travelling inbound Lae City when they came across three armed men. The three were standing in the middle of the road, attempting to hold up vehicles travelling on the opposite of the freeway – driving out of Lae.