Lae Police

Toll free number improves Lae police operations


The number was an initiative introduced by the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Commander Anthony Wagambi Junior early this year.

The Lae Metropolitan Superintendent believes that the introduction of the Lae Police Emergency number created an easier and quicker access to police.

All Lae Metropolitan Police vehicles have since being marked with the toll free number (70903300)

Lae police arrest 68yo Brit

James William Wilson has been in police custody since Sunday evening following complaints from the management of Crossroads Transit Hotel at Nine-Mile.

According to acting Lae metropolitan superintendent, Commander Timothy Pomoso, the British man has been charged with one count of false pretence under the criminal code act.

He said the man owes the hotel a total of K37,880.50.

He had checked in on the 13th of August and left without payment. He then tried to check into another guest house at Eriku when police caught up with him.

​14yo girl found hanging: Suicide or foul play?

The deceased, reportedly a Grade Four student at the Christ the King Primary School at 10-Mile, was found hanging from a rope tied to the ceiling timbers.

According to Chief Inspector Timothy Pomoso, the 14yo was found by relatives who called the police.

He said CID found some marks and bruises on the body of the deceased; there is a possibility of a case of abuse that may have led to the suicide of this young girl. However, this is yet to be proven as investigation continues.

Be wary when parking vehicles: Lae police

Acting metropolitan superintendent, Chief Inspector Fred Kaiwa, made the call following a number of reports of vehicles being stolen using key copies.

Kaiwa said many vehicles have been reported to be stolen in the last few months through this tactic.

Kaiwa added that police have reason to believe that there is a syndicate of criminals or specifically, car thieves, who are behind this.

He said the target areas are the main shopping centres, including Eriku and the main market.

Gamato video misleading: Police

Acting Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Commander Fred Kaiwa, confirmed this with TVWAN News today. This also goes in line with earlier reports of eyewitness accounts from the Lae Yacht Club.

Earlier this week, the Club clarified that the video was misleading; the Electoral Commissioner was attempting to calm down the situation.

Kaiwa confirmed that after gathering reports during the weekend, they established that the fight had been started by the tall man in the video and not instigated by the commissioner.

This incident had occurred on Friday, October 6.

Lae response unit performing well: Wagambie Jnr

Lae police boss Anthony Wagambie Jnr commended the unit, stating in less than three quarters of the year, the unit has made a major impact in policing the city of Lae.

“Sector Patrol is an old concept used in NCD and Lae in the ‘80s but eventually faded away when priorities shifted in the early ‘90s.”

The unit was planned and created after observing the crime trend, consultations with senior and junior officers as well as public opinion on how to best curtail and manage the crime situation in Lae.

Increase in new trend of stealing

There has been a marked increase in break and enter stealing, at major company premises, as well as residential areas, during the early hours of the morning between 2am and 3am.

This is according to Lae police boss, Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

He said most hit have been around the industrial area at Malahang and Papuan compound.

“Criminals are using both factory and handmade firearms to carry out this crime.”


Toll free number lifts operations for Lae police

It has allowed the public to easily reach police; considering the ongoing obstacle where emergency numbers to reach police are often never answered.

Wagambi said he has made certain that the radio operations room where all police operations is coordinated from is staffed 24 hours a day with full strength of four operators. 

However this platform does not go without its mishaps, like a number of prank calls being experienced on a daily basis.

Murder suspects remanded

The suspects have already been arrested and charged by CID Lae.

The two were arrested after conclusive investigations identified them.

According to the police, officers on duty found the body of 26 years old Cassidy Kausik in a nearby drain at the Lae Bowling club after he had been beaten; they rushed him to the hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

One of the suspects works for Harmony Gold while the other is a local business man in Lae; ironically a previous interview with friends of the deceased revealed that both men were known.

Murder victim's relatives give petition to police

The family of Cassidy Kausik, who was killed on Monday, September 17th , has given a petition to the Lae police.

According to a family friend, the murder has not been taken lightly, adding that the person who allegedly led the fight should be held accountable for his death.

The two page petition was addressed to the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, OIC - Lae Police, the alleged suspects’ family and other persons whom they claim are somehow tied into this situation.