Anthony Wagambie junior

High speed car chase, suspect wounded

The two detectives were sitting inside a police vehicle when a bullet smashed through the windscreen and whizzed past, missing their heads by inches.

Despite coming under fire, the policemen continued to chase a fleeing gang until they wounded and arrested one suspect at Godwit Street near the Gordon police barracks.

NCD Central Commander, Anthony Wagambie Junior, said the detectives came across a suspicious Mark 2 sedan at Godwit Street in Gordon and followed the car to the Unagi Oval when they were attacked with two factory made pistols.

Betelnut-related violence concerning

Commander Wagambie said this after a man, escaping from police, was allegedly shot and injured by police gunfire at Port Moresby’s Nine-Mile suburb on October 26.

The victim was reported to be sitting inside a Toyota Land Cruiser ten-seater, speeding away from a random police check when he was shot in the head, allegedly by police.

Commander Wagambie made this statement following claims by a betelnut contractor accusing police of abuse of powers and inflicting injuries to a citizen.

Lae police prioritise domestic violence

Apart from the normal policing of criminal activities, Lae police are also encouraging the general public to be vigilant in reporting and dealing with this issue.

Family and sexual violence is a major issue in Lae with cases of rape and violence against women and girls reported on a weekly basis.

The Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambie Junior, who is also a strong advocate, has been vocal on the issue.

No more police reservists in Lae

This was directed by the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambie junior, who also noted that the reservists were only called on duty for the election period, and will cease police operations effective this week.

“As of this week Monday directives have been given that no National Police Reservists are to perform duties except those that are on MOU”.

He reiterated that, MOU Reservists in Lae belong to Romeo 14 which is a back- up Unit for the FootBeat Police, Unitech Reservists Unit, BSP Reservists, Trukai Reservists and Lae City Council Reservists.

Cops suspended over murder allegations

This comes after relatives and eye witnesses came forward claiming that the deceased from Sinesine, had drowned when he and two other men were forced to swim across the swamp by these police men.

The Lae Metropolitan police commander, Anthony Wagambie junior and other officers in charge of CID, Internal Investigation and Commander sector response went down to Raun Wara and met up with relatives and community members of Kapiak street.

Police toughen stance on sexual offense cases

The Lae Metropolitan Superintendent commander Anthony Wagambie Junior, who is also the chairman of the Family sexual violence Action committee-Morobe, said sexual offences ranging from child molestation, sexual touching, rape and incest are some of the very serious crimes that sometimes are never properly addressed.

He said this may be due to, relatives or communities agreeing to certain conditions including compensations or out of court settlements, thus resulting in perpetrators walking away without being dealt with accordingly.

Escapees apprehended

The escapees have been a threat to communities around the city and have been causing disorder and criminal activities.

The Pair had been on the run for over a year since escaping – they were apprehended when the SRU caught them while on routine patrol.

The pair were behind bars for armed robbery, however they had escaped and while the first identified as one Amon Mong Leka was caught at Nawaeb block, where his house is located, the other escapee was apprehended at a nearby drain in the main market, after he failed to escape a pursuit by the SRU members.

​Lae police set for Independence celebrations

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Junior, says special operations will be conducted throughout the city.

Police will also be at the Sir Ignatius Kilage stadium today as Independence day celebrations will be hosted there.

There will be zero tolerance on intoxicated persons. Police will be on high alert and will not entertain them. Wagambie Jnr says these people will not be allowed to disturb or spoil the celebrations.

Lae Police launches emergency toll free number

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr when officially launching the toll free emergency number thanked Digicel for the partnership with the police to fight crime in Lae city.

“This marks a milestone achievement for Lae Police by going into partnership with Digicel in providing an effective avenue in enabling the general public to reach Police when there is an emergency.

Police and gang shootout leave two dead in Lae

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr while assuring public that police will not use firearms  but will not hesitate to shoot if fired upon, said the two suspects are confirmed dead.

Wagambie Jr said the two  involved in the armed robbery and shootout were part of the gang that opened fired on Police at West Taraka as they were making their getaway while Police were in pursuit.

The Superintendent said the police vehicle sustained damage from the bullets fired at them and it was then that Police engaged the suspects by returning fire.