Lae preachers warned

Street Preachers in Lae are been told to be mindful of their choice of location when spreading the Gospel.

This was stated by the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambi Junior.

Wagambi said although he acknowledges the effort and the work put in by the preachers, to spread the word of God – he also stated that this must be done in the right locations.

He noted that the number of street preachers has rapidly increased in the city, and although this again is no issue, he stressed that it is the locations that they chose to spread the word that causes the real problem.

Many preachers chose to spread the ‘word’ in unlikely places, which causes obstacles during the city’s busiest times, causing disruptions on walkways and footpaths especially in-front of shops, bus-stops – forcing pedestrians to walk on the side of the road, thus risking these people.

The Met Sup. also reiterated that, there have been instances that fights have erupted through comments made by preachers, following degrading remarks on other churches; this is a breach of peace.

Wagambie says police will start removing preachers to relevant locations if nothing changes.

Imelda Wavik