Suspects detained for Lae Christmas attack

​A woman was among a number of people attacked while returning from a visit to the cemetery at Second Seven public cemetery on Christmas night around 7pm.

If not for the Lae police intervening the woman and many others, could have faced a different fate.

The Lae Metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, says this incident was one of the major incidents reported during the police Christmas operations.

He said police were alerted just in the nick of time adding that about three Police units went into the nearby New Rocks block in pursuit of the suspects.

During the pursuit, one of the Police vehicles was shot at with a wire catapult penetrating through the rear window and narrowly missing a Policeman seated at the back.

Police have so far managed to bring into custody seven suspects who were identified by the community.

The prime suspect for the police attach as well as others who are suspected of being involved in the robbing of people were also apprehended.

Meantime, Met Sup Wagambie has commended the landowners and their committee for swiftly acting in assisting police.



Imelda Wavik