Outgoing commander highlights Buimo issues

Retired Buimo commanding officer, Chief Superintendent Judy Masani Tara, highlighted some of the challenges she faced during her tenure.

The Buimo Correctional Institute in Lae holds the largest number of detainee population in the country. It held over 1,000 prisoners in December 2019 until COVID-19 restrictions brought the number down to 730 as inmates were distributed to other prisons in the Highlands and Madang.

11 dead following Buimo breakout

In giving an update this morning, Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said the jail commander, Chief Superintendent Judy Tara, called police for assistance during the mass breakout on Friday afternoon.

“So when we went up there, we found out that the escapees had already dashed for freedom,” said the Lae police boss.

“A total of 47 escaped; 10 convicted prisoners and 37 remandees who were awaiting their trial dates to be confirmed.

“About 11 of them were found dead; the coroner will determine the cause of death.”


Great job by low risk prisoners

Under the Lae City Authority-Buimo CIS Rehabilitation Program, inmates are engaged to clean up and beautify the city.

On Monday (July 13) morning, low risk inmates from the Buimo CS facility in Lae were in their working gear, cleaning up the Eriku Roundabout and Lae Show Roundabout - Bumbu Road areas.

The Lae MP noted good progress under the Lae City Authority-Buimo CIS Rehabilitation Program.


4 Buimo escapees killed during breakout

Lae City Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said a mass breakout was planned today, however only 15 prisoners attempted it.  

He said the incident happened this morning during visiting hours.

A group of prisoners attacked and stabbed the prison guard and pushed their way to the second gate where they jumped over into the Administration area of the Correctional Services.

Lae residents warned

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, says in the meantime that his personnel are awaiting the particulars of the escapees from the Correctional Services.

Wagambie is warning all Lae residence to be vigilant at this time as the escapees are considered dangerous.

At about 1:30pm on Sunday 16 Prisoners armed with sharp iron rods over – powered two CIS officers at the gate and broke out.

However, quick response by one of the CIS duty officers alerted CS Personnel, which resulted in 4 of the 16 inmates being recaptured.

Buimo escapee finds himself in court

Andrew Jawa was arrested and charged for armed robbery and unlawful use of motor vehicle, with two others, over an armed robbery that took place at Koki in April this year.

While in custody, police and Correctional Service realised he was an escapee from Buimo and slapped him with an additional charge of escaping lawful custody.

He appeared at the Waigani Committal Court today where his lawyer made submissions in relation to the armed robbery and unlawful use of motor vehicle charge.

VIDEO: CS clarifies stand on Buimo

TVWan News with more.




Buimo breakout: One escapee caught

An initial report into the breakout was furnished to the CS Commissioner’s office last Friday however Commissioner Michael Waipo has yet to make comments on the findings.

He reveals that there is a second team of investigators who flew in last week  to go in and focus on reviewing the findings of second breakout.

Waipo says that the two review teams will see if there were other factors which contributed to the escape of the prisoners.