Anthony Wagambi Junior

Lae PMV operators put on notice

Met Supt Wagambie said vehicle owners know the rules and regulations but continue to defy them to make money.

He is warning PMV operators to get their act together and start looking at fixing up their buses or replacing the old buses if possible.

Wagambie says that this warning must be adhered to, or penalties will be taken; Traffic rules apply, and these un-roadworthy PMV’s pose great risks on commuters as well as the traveling public.


Lae preachers warned

This was stated by the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambi Junior.

Wagambi said although he acknowledges the effort and the work put in by the preachers, to spread the word of God – he also stated that this must be done in the right locations.

He noted that the number of street preachers has rapidly increased in the city, and although this again is no issue, he stressed that it is the locations that they chose to spread the word that causes the real problem.

VIDEO: Lae Armed Robbery

The suspects had earlier held up a vehicle and its occupants, tying their hands and legs and dumping them at a secluded place at Butibum village. 

Lae's police boss Anthony Wagambie Junior relayed this information to TV Wan News.


Meredith Kuusa with more 

VIDEO: Lae Police ops

He said security operation for the counting period is set for the commencement of counting.

Imelda Wavik with more