Buimo CS

Escapees apprehended

The escapees have been a threat to communities around the city and have been causing disorder and criminal activities.

The Pair had been on the run for over a year since escaping – they were apprehended when the SRU caught them while on routine patrol.

The pair were behind bars for armed robbery, however they had escaped and while the first identified as one Amon Mong Leka was caught at Nawaeb block, where his house is located, the other escapee was apprehended at a nearby drain in the main market, after he failed to escape a pursuit by the SRU members.

Another Buimo escapee apprehended

According to Lae police, some other suspects had broken into a company premises at 4am in the morning.

They were disturbed by Security Guards causing the suspects to open fire at the Security Guards.

Fortunately no one was hurt.

The Security Company contacted Police through our Toll Free number of which the Sector Response Unit 101 responded immediately to the scene.

Suspects were chased on foot but evaded arrest by going into residential areas.

Wagambie Jnr confirms Buimo jail break

Seven remadees made a dash for freedom from within the prison compound as they were moving about during lunch hour.

All seven remadees were in custody for various serious offences, mostly armed robbery. Wagambie says, of the seven, two of the escapees were shot and died of their wounds just beyond the prison compound vicinity whilst they were trying to escape.

Police were alerted and assisted in blocking off escape routes.

 “It was quite difficult to identify the escapees as they are remandees and do not wear prison uniforms and not groomed,” says Wagambie.

Lae Police arrest fraudsters

According to Lae Police boss, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, the three men have been carrying out their activities for more than five years.

He said they used company cheques to either do large orders from wholesale shops or stationary

He added that they also used company cheques to do Pay Cash cheques and withdraw money from the bank without the company management’s consent.