Toll free number improves Lae police operations

The police toll free number in Lae has been a blessing for many in the second largest city of Papua New Guinea especially in addressing crime in Lae.


The number was an initiative introduced by the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Commander Anthony Wagambi Junior early this year.

The Lae Metropolitan Superintendent believes that the introduction of the Lae Police Emergency number created an easier and quicker access to police.

All Lae Metropolitan Police vehicles have since being marked with the toll free number (70903300)

Two months on and the residence of Lae have acknowledged this initiative, describing it as a blessing; with the quick response time and faster turn-around time by the police, many crime related issues that were never addressed quickly are now being addressed very quickly.

Along with the launching of the toll free number, came the launching of their social media page (RPNGC Lae Metropolitan Command -, which to date has impacted the rate of crime and has received positive feedback from the public.

Lae residents say police were difficult to get in touch with before, but with the introduction of these initiatives, they are only a call away.

Another posted on social media, stating that the toll free number allows the police to react quickly; she said they had almost been attacked at the Bumbu bridge recently, but a call using the toll free number had the police respond in seconds and they were then escorted out from that area – the user even gave a thumbs up to the Lae police.

The Lae Metropolitan office is adamant to bring policing to a whole new level using technology, media and social media as platforms to minimise crime and enforce law.


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