Lae police warn careless drivers

Drivers are being warned to be minful of careless driving which is one of the biggest reasons behind traffic accidents and at times the loss of lives.

The Lae Metropolitant police commander, Anthony Wagambie junior is warning drivers to be careful and mindful when behind the wheel.

This comes after a near collision which could have caused the lives of police officers on duty in Lae on Saturday.

This accident involved a heavy truck and police vehicle allocated to the Sector response unit.

According to Wagambie traffic investigations found that the driver of the heavy truck was heavily intoxicated and speeding.

He overtook a vehicle, after turning into the Milfordhaven road heading towards Eriku.

Police found that the driver overtook without realising that the police unit was traveling on the stretch of the road towards the Bumbu Police Barracks.

The Truck collided with the police vehicle, fortunately there were no casualties despite the police vehicle being damaged beyond recognition.

The driver of the truck has been arrested and charged with two counts of driving under the influence of alcohol and negligent driving, however he has been allowed on police bail and will appear in court.

Imelda Wavik