Lae Police

​New vehicles for Lae police

The three vehicles have been allocated to the CID Sexual Offences Squad, Juvenile Justice Unit and the traffic section for Road Safety Awareness.

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said: “This command had requested to be allocated some but due to administrative hiccups, we only received them last week Friday.

“My management team have allocated the three vehicles to CID Sexual Offences Squad, Juvenile Justice Unit and the Traffic section for Road Safety Awareness and back up to the PMV Squad to curtail untrustworthy vehicles.

Lae police back fight against domestic violence

“I was elected the chairman of the Morobe Family Sexual Violence Action Committee last Wednesday,” says the Lae metropolitan superintendent.

“I take this as an honour to work alongside other stakeholders in this field. The stakeholders comprise of Government, NGOs and faith-based organisations.

“I am honoured to chair this committee and will make use of all the very experienced stakeholders to pave the way forward to fight gender-based violence and child abuse.”

Community hands over escapee to police

He was charged for Arm Robbery with 7 others back in 2013 at Eriku Service Station 2013 and had escaped at Buimo CIS in 2014.

During his absence, he was convicted without his presence by the Lae National Court.

He was also wanted for questioning in relation to a Murder at the back road.

He had been threatening the community when they mobilized, injured and captured him at Ass Mambu back road.

Police were later informed and picked him up, charging him for escaping from lawful custody.

Rongap murder suspect apprehended

This was a combined effort between the Lae police Intelligence Officers and the Sector Response Unit members.

The suspect was apprehended after Police Intel officers gathered information of his whereabouts and location and a raid was later conducted at 4.30am this morning at Ass Mambu back road, Lae.

Detained along with the suspect was a married couple found to be harboring him

They were also taken into custody.

According to Lae police reports, the suspect has been committing crime along the back road area and threatening witnesses to the crime.

VIDEO: Lae Armed Robbery

The suspects had earlier held up a vehicle and its occupants, tying their hands and legs and dumping them at a secluded place at Butibum village. 

Lae's police boss Anthony Wagambie Junior relayed this information to TV Wan News.


Meredith Kuusa with more 

Suspects caught after armed robbery today

Prior to the robbery, about eight suspects held up a vehicle and its occupants, tying their hands and legs and dumping them at a secluded spot at Butibum village.

They then went to Eriku where they held up the workers and security guards at 1.10pm.

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said: “Takings from the bottle shop was removed as well as the cash register.

“The suspects were armed with two factory made guns, homemade guns and knives.

New trend of robbery puts Lae police on alert

On Thursday at about 9:30am more than 10 men, some dressed in various school uniforms entered the Able computing store with the intention to rob the shop.

The unsuspecting staff and security guards, deceived by the uniforms, didn’t think it was a robbery until the men held them up using guns and machetes.

Within ten minutes, the shop was looted; laptops, mobile phones and other products on display were taken while one of the security guards was slashed badly.

Students injured from Bugandi, Lae secondary clash

A fight broke out after school at Eriku again, where a couple of Lae Secondary School boys received injuries. Police were at the location and managed to disperse them.

More than 200 male students from Bugandi secondary came out of school and marched towards the Salamanda way around 8am yesterday morning.

A Police Sector Patrol Unit was there and tried to stop them at Bugandi roundabout and get them back to school but they (students) refused to listen and headed straight for Eriku.

Lae steps up policing

This is according to the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambie Junior.

Wagambie Jnr says the Police Emergency number, since being introduced in Lae, has been working very well.

However, he said he has been getting feedback from members of the community that there still needs to be more advertising of the number so that more people can take note of it.

Police boss commends city for peaceful elections

Wagambie commended the scrutineers, who have been the eyes and ears for candidates, and further extended his gratitude to the provincial election manager for his guidance and foresight.

He acknowledged the leadership of the returning officers and assistant returning officers.

“With their wealth of experience, they led this event well and all the presiding officers and those who took part as volunteers in the polling and counting have done well,” he stated.