Lae Police

Armed robber shot dead by shop owner

There were up to 15 men who walked into the shop at about 7am in the morning when they opened for business. 

According to Lae police from CCTV footage viewed, it was seen that the men pretended to be early morning shoppers, but then pulled out homemade guns and bush knives attacking and chasing the security guards; some of which tried to force their way into the area where the cash register and other staff were. 

Details of deceased robbery suspects established

The three robbery suspects were gunned down on April 2 while a fourth was seriously wounded on his leg following a gunfight with police.

Two of the men reside in Lae, one from Northern Province while the other from Morobe, and have both served time for various offences. 

The third, going by the nickname of ‘Whitey’ of Milne Bay and Madang parentage, had been on the run from Milne Bay police following a series of criminal activities committed in the province.

Robbery suspects gunned down

The suspects had been involved in an armed robbery of an Asian shop owner at Downtown Lae around 9am yesterday (April 2).

The suspects were intercepted by a traffic police unit when they tried to escape in a Sedan.

The unit was in the area and was alerted by gun shots fired by the suspects, who wounded the Chinese national and a security guard.

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Commander Anthony Wagambie Junior, said the traffic police promptly contacted all units, who then blocked off possible escape routes.

Lae police prioritise domestic violence

Apart from the normal policing of criminal activities, Lae police are also encouraging the general public to be vigilant in reporting and dealing with this issue.

Family and sexual violence is a major issue in Lae with cases of rape and violence against women and girls reported on a weekly basis.

The Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambie Junior, who is also a strong advocate, has been vocal on the issue.

Special Lae police Easter operations

General policing and drunk patrols will be conducted to ensure that the Easter long weekend is celebrated peacefully. 

“We ask that the public observe why Easter is celebrated. It is a celebrated on the Christian calendar and is a time to attend church,” stated police.

The law enforcers will be deployed to all parts of the City to ensure that people move about freely.

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, urged the Lae public to respect others by cutting down on noise pollution and drunken behaviour.  

Prompt response by Lae police applauded

Commander Anthony Wagambie junior says this should be credited to the initiation of the toll free number, which has been very effective since its inception.

The crime rate has effectively decreased in the city and with the number of people responding to the toll free number daily, this was a much-appreciated outcome, he said.  

Wagambie Jnr also credited the quick response to the sector patrol units manning their designated patrol areas.

(Anthony Wagambie junior file pic)

Shop owner injures robbery suspect

The man and two other suspects were apprehended by the Lae police and will be facing charges related to the armed robbery.

The wounded suspect was identified as a man from Yangoru, East Sepik, while the other two are from Morobe Province.

They are all from the Miles area in Lae.

The Lae metropolitan superintendent, commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said the three men were part of at least a ten-man gang armed with machetes and home-made guns.

The group had attempted to rob the shop but they did not anticipate that the owner would have a pistol.

No more police reservists in Lae

This was directed by the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambie junior, who also noted that the reservists were only called on duty for the election period, and will cease police operations effective this week.

“As of this week Monday directives have been given that no National Police Reservists are to perform duties except those that are on MOU”.

He reiterated that, MOU Reservists in Lae belong to Romeo 14 which is a back- up Unit for the FootBeat Police, Unitech Reservists Unit, BSP Reservists, Trukai Reservists and Lae City Council Reservists.

Cops suspended over murder allegations

This comes after relatives and eye witnesses came forward claiming that the deceased from Sinesine, had drowned when he and two other men were forced to swim across the swamp by these police men.

The Lae Metropolitan police commander, Anthony Wagambie junior and other officers in charge of CID, Internal Investigation and Commander sector response went down to Raun Wara and met up with relatives and community members of Kapiak street.

Lae police appeal for information

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Commander Anthony Wagambie junior, says there was no apparent wound found to establish a primary cause of death.

However police have established that the body might have been under water for a number of days before it surfaced.

Wagambie adds that the deceased was identified to be in his late twenties, from Sinesine, Chimbu province and resided on Kapiak Street before his death.

Police have so far established that the man was reportedly in the company of another male when he was last seen.