Anthony Wagambie Jnr

ACP Wagambie Jnr’s New Year Message

“I am impressed with the current trend where members have begun to take ownership and responsibility of how we conduct ourselves in policing,” said the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).

“We have put up with the continuous barrage of criticisms and allegations against police on social media. Some are real and most are fake.

“We are public servants and service providers. We are accountable to the community we serve.

“The trend worldwide, both in the private and public sector, is to get customer feedback. For us, our customers are the people we serve.

Focus on Erima video surveillance

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) for NCD and Central, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, outlined that this comes under the NCD/Central Divisional Command’s annual management plan for 2021.

“We had started this off in Lae when I was there in my previous capacity as Metsupt Lae. The location at Lae Main Market with the monitoring point within the Market Police Station proved to be an effective policing tool.

“On my arrival in this command, I had initial talks with various stakeholders regarding plans to have this rolled out in NCD but on a wider scale.”

NCDC applauded for enforcing restrictions

Southern Command’s Assistant Commissioner of Police, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said he was thankful this was done with the Military Police from the PNG Defence Force.

“We the Police have learnt a lot of lessons from the first experience last year during the State of Emergency, where pandemic restrictions were rushed, leaving police to enforce,” he stated.

“This led to so much confusion and created a rift between Police and the community.

“For the enforcement of pandemic measures, it is a whole-of-Government approach.

Police will not meddle: ACP

Wagambie Jnr, who is also the acting NCD/Central commander, outlined that there have been instances where police have been used to enforce Government departments’ internal administrative directives.

“This mostly stems from when the National Executive Council or Board of Directors make or revoke appointments of heads of departments,” stated ACP Wagambie Jnr.

“This used to happen in the past. This will not happen under my watch.

Normal duties despite Manning’s court decision: ACP

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said a meeting was immediately called after the January 22nd National Court decision that David Manning’s appointment was illegal as he did not meet the minimum requirements to be selected to lead the Police Department.

Following that decision, ACP Wagambie Jnr, who is the acting NCD-Central Commander, held a briefing with Metropolitan Superintendent NCD and Provincial Police Commander Central to ensure that all members, rank and file of the command are carrying out normal duties.

Successful NCD-Central festive operations

He commended the leaders of all levels within Central Province, including village chiefs, elders and law and order committees, for ensuring there was control in their communities.

“I thank all the people of Central who adhered to the rule of law to ensure we celebrated a peaceful Christmas and transition into New Year 2021,” stated Wagambie Jnr.

For the nation’s capital, the commander said residents generally behaved well except for some locations where youths took to the streets to burn old tyres, throw debris onto the road and stone vehicles.

Police advised against taking orders from civilians

NCD-Central Commander, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, reminded members in his command that they have work to do.

“Crime never ends,” he stated.

“The political situation comes at the normal end of grace period of the office of PM.

“For police, we have no grace period. Our work to protect citizens continues.

“Chain of command of the Constabulary has not changed. Command structure remains in place.”

Wagambie Jnr outlined that the current political situation has turned members of the force against each other.

Commander stresses on ethical conduct

Starting at Gerehu and then on to the Waigani Police Station, the commander was not only there to inspect the facilities; he was also there to stress on ethical conduct.

“It is important that we improve in our conduct towards the public and that we must always remember our Police Code of Ethics,” Wagambie Jnr told his subordinates.

“The Code of Ethics guides us to do what is both morally and ethically right, as members of the Constabulary. More than half our problems and allegations against police stem from police misbehaviour.

Police officers suspended following alleged killing

Commander of NCD/Central, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, gave this update following a protest by relatives in front of the Boroko Police Station on Wednesday, November 11th.

Wagambie Jnr, in a statement, said the situation stemmed from an incident on Tuesday, November 10th.

“From Police reports, a patrol unit had spotted an overloaded 25-seater PMV along Nine-Mile,” he stated. “The unit had tried to stop the PMV, however the driver refused to stop and was chased by the Police Unit to the back of ATS and Malolo Estate.

A sad day for late police officer's family: Commander

“Late Senior Inspector Andrew Tovere was the Superintendent Operations for NCD Policing Zone 3 when he was tragically attacked and killed,” said NCD/Central Divisional Commander, Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

“Late Senior Inspector Tovere succumbed to injuries sustained in a brutal attack and passed away yesterday afternoon. 

“He was killed after a confrontation with off duty soldiers who were under the influence of alcohol.

“Late Tovere and his team went to the ATS Community Police post when the incident happened.