Anthony Wagambie Jnr

Lae police aim to keep roads safe this Easter

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said operations started well on Good Friday.

“I have instructed all my personnel to keep on identifying defective buses (and private vehicles).

“We are not issuing Traffic Infringement Notices but arrests.

 Wagambie Jnr said many PMV buses have been pulled off the road  during the operation.

“If they want to conduct business they must always put public safety as their priority.

“We will maintain our stance until we are able to have safe and quality service for our people.

Court bail suspect involved in robbery: Police

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr made this comment following crimes committed by people out on Court Bail in the Morobe provincial capital.  

“Police will be consulting the Public Prosecutor," he said.

People who become bail guarantors should also be dealt with when the defendant breaches bail  conditions. 

Meanwhile, a suspect has been apprehended in connection to the armed robbery at Rabtrad Supermarket last Saturday.

Wagambie Jnr said the suspect was identified on the CCTV footage because he was not wearing a mask.

Suspect in Bumbu killing identified

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr confirmed that the body was discovered by people living nearby when they went down to the river in the early hours of the morning.

“The deceased has been identified as a young woman from Eastern Highlands and resides at Talair Compound,"said Wagambie Jnr.

Initial enquiry by CID personnel found that she had gone out with a known male on Tuesday night. 

“The male subject will be picked up when located and will be interviewed.

“What happened from then on is a matter for police investigations to establish.

Serial prison escapee captured in Lae

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said, “at 6pm Police were able to apprehend a notorious criminal who had been on the run and had been committing serious crimes such as armed robberies and car thefts.

The prison escapee was captured at Papuan Compound area, with live ammunition in his possession.    

“(The suspect) had escaped from Buimo (Prison) three times, the latest being the mass break out last year.

“He has since been committing crimes with violence and has been a menace to the community.”

20 arrested over Angau disturbance

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr confirmed that the incident happened on Saturday between 9pm and 10pm.

“From police reports, there was a fight which broke out outside Huon Gulf Hotel between security guards and a group of men. The fight spilled out onto the main road where Police were able to disperse the crowd,” Wagambie Jr said.  

Young man killed while trying to maintain peace

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said the incident happened in the early hours of Saturday morning at Three-Mile, Lae.

He said the deceased was a young community leader who confronted a drunken man who was causing nuisance and disturbance in the community.

“It is reported that the disorderly person’s relative came into the fight and attacked the young leader with a bush knife, killing him. The rest of the community came in and a fight erupted,” Wagambie Jnr said. 

Lae armed robbery suspects arrested

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr said the suspects were part of a gang that held up staff of a mobile phone company outside ANZ Bank, Market Branch.

“Good investigative work by Lae CID led to one of the suspects being intercepted whilst travelling on a vehicle along 7th Street,” Wagambie Jr said.  

“He led police to the next suspect.”

Wagambie Jr said the second suspect is currently out on Court bail for another armed robbery case.

“When he was taken to his residence for a search, the magazines of a pistol which was stolen were found.

Wagambie Jnr confirms Buimo jail break

Seven remadees made a dash for freedom from within the prison compound as they were moving about during lunch hour.

All seven remadees were in custody for various serious offences, mostly armed robbery. Wagambie says, of the seven, two of the escapees were shot and died of their wounds just beyond the prison compound vicinity whilst they were trying to escape.

Police were alerted and assisted in blocking off escape routes.

 “It was quite difficult to identify the escapees as they are remandees and do not wear prison uniforms and not groomed,” says Wagambie.

Notorious Taraka changing: Lae Police boss

He made the comments after his command intercepted and recovered four boxes, containing four dynamite sticks last Saturday at West Taraka.   

The Lae Metropolitan Superintendent said the five suspects upon seeing policemen pursing them escaped and dropped the four boxes, containing 100 dynamite sticks.   

“Bomb experts from PNGDF were called in and inspected and confirmed that this is very dangerous product sitting in public. The bomb can be ignited and set off anytime, as all fittings were packed into the boxes,” Wagambie Jnr said.

Police tighten grip on West Taraka criminal elements

While on the run, they are armed with weapons in the West Taraka area causing residents in the area and the surrounding community to live in fear.

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr says there are many more good people living in this area but they have been living with fear from criminal elements.

“I appeal to them for their cooperation so that we can all work together to take way this tag of “Wild West” from West Taraka as everyone has a right to move about freely without being held at ransom by a few criminals,” Wagambie Jnr said.