29 Suspects Surrender to Police

The operation leading to the surrender of these suspects was masterminded by Central Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector Laimo Asi. Accompanied by his officers and supported by three ward councilors from Egala`auna, Maopa, and Gaivakala, Chief Inspector Asi successfully orchestrated the surrender.

Police probe China woman’s murder

Police have established through CCTV that all the suspects were armed with factory-made pistols when they walked into Dore Four Trading Limited. They forced the cashier to open the till and reportedly stole K500 in cash.

The deceased identified as Yang Fenegqin from Fujian Province of the Republic of China was coming out of a room, to see what was happening, when she was shot in the chest. She was rushed to Port Moresby General Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Robbery suspect nabbed, others at large

Police said the identity of the suspect will be revealed once he is formally charged by the NCD Armed Robbery Squad.

A policeman involved in the arrest said a group of armed criminals used a white sedan and held up a shop at Hohola yesterday. The criminals stole various store goods, including cash and cigarette packets.

Assistant Commissioner of Police NCD Central, Anthony Wagambie Jr said the incident was broadcasted through the police communications network and police units who were on duty began the search across Port Moresby.

Police Foil Robbery; Suspects Flee

Milne Bay Provincial Police Commander Superintendent Peter Barkie said the criminals who planned the robbery had put up three road blocks, before they carried out the robbery at Hagita.

PPC Barkie said the incident occurred at night. Police were notified and headed to the location. First, they had to clear off the roadblocks that the criminals had put up. Police managed to get to the crime scene in time to see the robbers loading the safe and stolen goods onto three getaway vehicles. 

PPC Barkie said the criminals took off, leaving their loot behind.

Gang Attack Church Deacon

After attacking the Deacon and his family yesterday morning but the criminals managed to get away, confirmed Madang police. 

Madang Provincial Police Commander acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said it was alleged that the men all armed with bows and arrows, bush knives, wire catapults, stapler guns and axes had entered the house at around 3am.

Robbery Suspects Caught

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander Albert Beli said yesterday morning the duo walked into the store armed with homemade guns. While customers were busy doing their shopping for the New Year celebration, the men pointed a gun at cashiers at the front counter and took the money. Security guards went after them and caught them in the middle of town.

Men Face Robbery Charges

Justin Neve, 28 from Tari Southern Highlands Province, Mafu Daul 29 from Lufa, Eastern Highlands and Moses Eremend, 27 from Wabag Enga Province were accused of stealing K21,487 worth of property from Phone Tech Limited at 8 Mile in Port Moresby on September 8th.

Since their arrest on the same day of the robbery, they have been in custody at the Boroko Police cells.

It is alleged that at around 1pm on September 8th, the three co-accused drove a sedan into the Phone Tech Limited and parked outside.


The Manager came out of his office to investigate a commotion in the shop but was shot point blank as he confronted the thugs as they were helping themselves to the till.

According to eye witnesses the thugs without masks and numbering over 10 entered the premises about 9am Monday morning armed with home-made guns only minutes after the shop opened its doors for normal business.

They walked straight into the shop and demanded the staff to run for cover while they helped  themselves to the K600 float money and  cigarettes.

Woman allegedly robbed off over K60,000

The four suspects, all from Hela Province, were part of a seven-man gang whom police believe had colluded to rob the victim, a gold buyer, after seeing a stash of cash in her possession near the Erima Flyover.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, said two of these suspects were arrested after members of the NCD Fox Units retrieved and viewed CCTV footages showing them loitering and selling cigarettes to the victim at the crime scene.

N’Dranou said the policemen interviewed them and obtained names of five more suspects involved in this crime.

Suspects in K43,000 robbery detained

Acting Assistant Commissioner and Commander NCD-Central, Anthony Wagambie Junior, said four gunmen posing as customers forced their way into the shop when the security steel door was opened by an employee, held up the Asian manager and stole the cash and a Sig Sauer automatic pistol kept in a drawer inside the shop.

Acting ACP Wagambie Jnr said the firearm theft is worrying and police are now working around the clock to identify the suspects and recover the weapon.