Anthony Wagambie Jnr

New trend of robbery puts Lae police on alert

On Thursday at about 9:30am more than 10 men, some dressed in various school uniforms entered the Able computing store with the intention to rob the shop.

The unsuspecting staff and security guards, deceived by the uniforms, didn’t think it was a robbery until the men held them up using guns and machetes.

Within ten minutes, the shop was looted; laptops, mobile phones and other products on display were taken while one of the security guards was slashed badly.

Lae steps up policing

This is according to the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambie Junior.

Wagambie Jnr says the Police Emergency number, since being introduced in Lae, has been working very well.

However, he said he has been getting feedback from members of the community that there still needs to be more advertising of the number so that more people can take note of it.

Police boss commends city for peaceful elections

Wagambie commended the scrutineers, who have been the eyes and ears for candidates, and further extended his gratitude to the provincial election manager for his guidance and foresight.

He acknowledged the leadership of the returning officers and assistant returning officers.

“With their wealth of experience, they led this event well and all the presiding officers and those who took part as volunteers in the polling and counting have done well,” he stated.

Better policing for Lae residents

Manpower was stretched during the election period, which has affected general policing but now that it’s over, the normal swing of duties will resume.

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, says Police Station Commanders and Unit Commanders have been directed to step up on proactive policing.

This will include: Stepping up of footbeat patrols, not only at shopping centres and bus stops, but also residential areas and settlements; Advertising of their toll free emergency telephone number; and utilising the FB page so that the public can access information.

Media must be given full access: Police

“I will also be asking the returning officers that the media be given full access to give out correct information to the public so that they are kept abreast of what is happening in the counting room.

“This is so that the public is rest assured that things are being done transparently,” Wagambie Jnr said.   

He also issued a warning to his personnel to maintain the integrity of the Royal PNG Constabulary.  

Police apprehend two suspects with offensive weapons

The suspects had in their possession a homemade gun, hunting knife and live ammunition.

They were apprehended at the back of Huonville Primary School

This area has been prone to armed hold up on motor vehicles and pedestrians.

Lae Police Boss, Anthony Wagambie Jnr confirmed that the two have been arrested, charged and locked up.

He said Police stations in Lae have been putting their members out on foot beat more often now in hotspot areas.

The two suspects definitely had the intention of committing a crime when they were apprehended by Police.

Drug dealers lead police to hideout

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said two male suspects were apprehended by Police Foot Beat Unit members at Nawaeb Block yesterday (Monday), for possessing rolled marijuana for selling.

The two suspects then led police to a house, and when searched, police confiscated more drugs, homemade guns and ammunitions.  

Another three suspects were apprehended at that house.

Police kill airport robbery suspect

“Lae Police received intelligence that there was going to be a major hold up at Nadzab airport last night (Sunday), or early hours of this morning,” Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said.    

Two units were dispatched to the location and the gang, numbering over 15, was caught by surprise when they illegally entered into the terminal area at 2am.

“The gang had entered by cutting through the perimeter fence and made their way to the terminal area,” Wagambie Jnr said.  

Good detective work pays off

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said two factory made pistols were recovered last Saturday.

The first pistol was recovered at 13A Market, Bumbu, after Police searched three men in a parked vehicle.

The police boss said detectives spotted one of the men, who matched the description of a suspect that was involved in an armed robbery at a wholesale company earlier this year.

“A quick search found a factory made pistol .9mm calibre and live bullets,” stated Wagambie Jnr.

Wagambie Jnr assures residents

This is to ensure public safety, says Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

Residents have been advised to take necessary precautions when moving about in the city.

More than 50 escapees from Buimo are still on the run following the jail break on Friday, May 12.

Exact details will be released by the Correctional Service to Police soon.

The names and locations of these escapees will be made known so the public can assist Police where possible.


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