Expat stabbed in attempted robbery in Lae

​ An expatriate was stabbed with knives this morning in Lae, Morobe Province after putting up resistance against robbers.

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said the attempted armed robbery happened at BNBM Hardware at about 8.30am.

“A gang of more than six men stormed the shop and held up security guards, staff and customers.

“They proceeded to the administration office and tried to get cash from the safe but resistance was put up by the Chinese national manager.

“The armed robbers attacked him by stabbing him with knives.” 

Wagambie Jnr said quick police response when alerted resulted in three of the suspects and weapons used in the robbery apprehended.   

“Police were alerted of the robbery, and within minutes the stolen vehicle used in the robbery was spotted and chased along Salamander  towards Bugandi.  

“The response time from when Police received  the report of the incident and broadcasted on the police radio network was immediate, about five minutes.

“We had units covering all areas and managed to block of the escape routes.

“The robbers were chased, and abandoned the vehicle along Kapiak Street, the area and escape routes were blocked off and the police managed to track them down.

“Three suspects were apprehended at the scene, one was shot and taken to Angau Hospital emergency to receive treatment and will be charged as soon as he is treated.

“The weapons recovered are homemade guns and a .22 factory made pistol,” Wagambie Jnr said.

The Lae police boss said the new policing concept in the city is very effective.

“Police in Lae have adopted the ‘sector patrol concept’ which is supported by our SRU and Mobile Squad 13.

“From this incident today, I am warning criminal elements that they should be wary that police operations are more coordinated and the personnel out on the streets are alert and ready to tackle anything that comes their way,” Wagambie Jnr said.

The other suspects evaded police and were able to escape.


Charles Yapumi