Anthony Wagambie Jnr

4 Buimo escapees killed during breakout

Lae City Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said a mass breakout was planned today, however only 15 prisoners attempted it.  

He said the incident happened this morning during visiting hours.

A group of prisoners attacked and stabbed the prison guard and pushed their way to the second gate where they jumped over into the Administration area of the Correctional Services.

Man with fake money arrested

After being apprehended by police, they found on him a total of K3,700 fake money.

The suspect, who was on parole at the time of his arrest, told police the money was brought to Lae from Port Moresby.

He has been charged and is awaiting trial.

Lae’s Metropolitan Superintendent Commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr said fake bank notes look real and can be mistaken when being used to pay for goods and services during rush hour.

He said those notes have been printed on paper and do not have some of the security features possessed by real K100 notes.

Lae police tail known criminals, foil robbery plans

Civilian police spotted the vehicle matching the description given and tailed it from Kamkumung to Eriku, where they were intercepted.

There were eight men on board the vehicle. Police had to fire warning shots to stop the vehicle when the driver didn’t stop after being signalled by officers sounding the siren.

The suspects, realising that it was police, tried to get off the vehicle and run away but Police managed to apprehend all eight men who were also heavily intoxicated.

Shop owner injures robbery suspect

The man and two other suspects were apprehended by the Lae police and will be facing charges related to the armed robbery.

The wounded suspect was identified as a man from Yangoru, East Sepik, while the other two are from Morobe Province.

They are all from the Miles area in Lae.

The Lae metropolitan superintendent, commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said the three men were part of at least a ten-man gang armed with machetes and home-made guns.

The group had attempted to rob the shop but they did not anticipate that the owner would have a pistol.

Police impersonators warned

Commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr says the impersonation of officers of law is a crime punishable by law.

Wagambie Jnr stated this in relation to his recent announcement on the restriction of reservists, auxiliary police and any individual unsanctioned by the commissioner but still operates or acts as a police officer.

The commander said it has come to his attention that there are community leaders and other individuals who wear police uniforms and pretend to be law enforcers.

Lae police officers arrested, charged

The deceased’s body was found floating at a lake in Lae, commonly known as Raun Wara, on January 22, by passersby.

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said it was alleged that the deceased was with two other men when they were assaulted by these police officers, who were reportedly using a hired vehicle and were under the influence of alcohol.

Lae residents warned

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, says in the meantime that his personnel are awaiting the particulars of the escapees from the Correctional Services.

Wagambie is warning all Lae residence to be vigilant at this time as the escapees are considered dangerous.

At about 1:30pm on Sunday 16 Prisoners armed with sharp iron rods over – powered two CIS officers at the gate and broke out.

However, quick response by one of the CIS duty officers alerted CS Personnel, which resulted in 4 of the 16 inmates being recaptured.

Lae police now on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp account is linked to the 24-hr toll free emergency number 7090 3300, which was launched recently.

Lae metropolitan supt, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, says this is another initiative to keep police contact accessible.

The first two steps were through the creation of a Facebook page and then a police emergency toll free number.

The Facebook page is utilised more as a public relations and information sharing tool, which allows users to know what Lae Police is doing and to disseminate information.

Wagambie resumes duty today

The Met Sup represented Papua New Guinea in a Law Enforcement Cooperation established courses. PNG was among 19 other countries.

The course was about executive leadership and terrorism threats in the region.

Wagambie said it was a good experience extending his knowledge about some of the perks of leadership in these important subjects.

The Met Sup stated that he has now resumed duties as of today, and will ensure that policing needs by the Lae community are met.

Lae response unit performing well: Wagambie Jnr

Lae police boss Anthony Wagambie Jnr commended the unit, stating in less than three quarters of the year, the unit has made a major impact in policing the city of Lae.

“Sector Patrol is an old concept used in NCD and Lae in the ‘80s but eventually faded away when priorities shifted in the early ‘90s.”

The unit was planned and created after observing the crime trend, consultations with senior and junior officers as well as public opinion on how to best curtail and manage the crime situation in Lae.