NCD-Central Commander

Police advised against taking orders from civilians

NCD-Central Commander, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, reminded members in his command that they have work to do.

“Crime never ends,” he stated.

“The political situation comes at the normal end of grace period of the office of PM.

“For police, we have no grace period. Our work to protect citizens continues.

“Chain of command of the Constabulary has not changed. Command structure remains in place.”

Wagambie Jnr outlined that the current political situation has turned members of the force against each other.

Commander stresses on ethical conduct

Starting at Gerehu and then on to the Waigani Police Station, the commander was not only there to inspect the facilities; he was also there to stress on ethical conduct.

“It is important that we improve in our conduct towards the public and that we must always remember our Police Code of Ethics,” Wagambie Jnr told his subordinates.

“The Code of Ethics guides us to do what is both morally and ethically right, as members of the Constabulary. More than half our problems and allegations against police stem from police misbehaviour.