Erima Flyover squatters evicted

Hugo Sawmill this morning sought police assistance to remove the group of people, mostly believed to be from the Hela Province. According to police people living there have been vending under the Erima Flyover Bridge and also around Gordon and Erima areas.

Records from Seven Mile and Gordons Police Station also confirmed that some of the petty crimes that took place around their area of operation were done by the people living there. 

Erima youth saying no to crime

With the support of the Youth Mobilization Program (YMP) and the National Narcrotics Bureau (NNB), the youth of Erima have put their hands up to say no to crime and bring back a good image to the community.

Erima Youth Association Inc. Chairman Evan Jackpohai, said there is a huge gap with access to education and unemployment.

Jackpohai said this year they are working collaboratively with the two agencies to change the situation and create a more positive community with more opportunities to better the lives of the youth.

Erima under CCTV surveillance

This project came about after numerous incidents of day light robbery, and other criminal activities as well as domestic violence matters, were reported to the 7mile police.

7mile Police who are stationed at the Jackson’s Airport will be monitoring the CCTV camera.

The project is a public-private partnership initiative between the NCD Metropolitan Police, Wintop Tech Limited, the PNG & Chinese Friendship Association, the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and the Chinese Business community.

Youths help restore security

NCDC Social Services Director, Janet Haua said the new initiative called ‘Safe and clean Central Business District’ is currently being piloted in Gordon.

She said the initiative is looking at the general cleaning to maintaining law and Order including; removing of waste, ensuring bus stops are free, and doing awareness to the public of the importance of living in a safe and healthy environment.

The program also aims at giving back opportunities to the under privileged youths and develop a pathway for them to know their worth and potential to be successful.

Focus on Erima video surveillance

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) for NCD and Central, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, outlined that this comes under the NCD/Central Divisional Command’s annual management plan for 2021.

“We had started this off in Lae when I was there in my previous capacity as Metsupt Lae. The location at Lae Main Market with the monitoring point within the Market Police Station proved to be an effective policing tool.

“On my arrival in this command, I had initial talks with various stakeholders regarding plans to have this rolled out in NCD but on a wider scale.”

Flyover area to be monitored

However, illegal vending and the use of the area underneath the flyover have given rise to criminal and other illegal activities.

The National Capital District Commission says the area under the flyover is now out of bound and penalties will be imposed to intruders.

NCDC Regulatory Services and City Manager Bernard Kipit say effective as of March 22nd, all vending and commuting under the area beneath the Kumul Flyover must be stopped.

Erima shooting investigation progressing well: Police

The investigative case is now with ballistics team for bullet shell casings to be screened and tested.

NCD police boss, Perou N’Dranou, said to investigate any case or report, police are given three months to investigate.

“We are into the first month and we are already doing well on it,” N’Dranou stated.

The chief investigator in his briefs states that investigations have completed the initial stage – the scene of crime management.

The five bullet shells were with forensics and will now go to ballistics to be tested.

Bus runs over 15yo, chaos ensues

The teen died instantly, says Gordon’s police station commander (PSC) Toby Hamago.

This led to chaos at the area, where relatives of the boy retaliated and attacked more than ten PMV buses from different routes; some causing harm to the passengers.

About five taxi drivers were also attacked.

The PSC stated that around 7am today, the boy was on his way to see his mother, who is a contracted roadside cleaner. After seeing his mother, he crossed the road to go to school when the bus hit him.

Police still investigating Erima murder case

The defendant, suspended police officer Steven Numbos of East Sepik Province, returned to the Waigani Committal Court today for a brief mention of his case.

His case was further adjourned to April 4 after police prosecution gave an update to the court on the progress of the case.

The 44-year-old was formally arrested and charged with wilful murder on Dec 30, 2016.

Police allege Numbos shot a man, known to the court as Ija Mulugu, using a high-powered rifle on July 22, 2016.

Criminals pose as Eda Ranu staff

Four youths, dressed in Eda Ranu uniforms, allegedly used that vehicle earlier this week to gain access into a private residence and pretended to check water pipes.

Fortunately, they left the place in a hurry as residents grew suspicious of their presence.

Police Operations have been notified to keep a lookout for this vehicle.

A similar incident also took place at Erima two weeks ago when a family lost a lot of their personal items to criminals wearing Eda Ranu uniforms.