Flyover area to be monitored

The Kumul Flyover was built purposely to enhance Erima, which is deemed the gateway into the Nation’s Capital Port Moresby.

However, illegal vending and the use of the area underneath the flyover have given rise to criminal and other illegal activities.

The National Capital District Commission says the area under the flyover is now out of bound and penalties will be imposed to intruders.

NCDC Regulatory Services and City Manager Bernard Kipit say effective as of March 22nd, all vending and commuting under the area beneath the Kumul Flyover must be stopped.

The commission maintains that Erima is the gate way into Port Moresby from Jacksons International Airport hence, should be kept clean and free from litter.

Restricting the use of this area will also help prevent visitors and residents of Port Moresby falling victim to opportunistic and petty crimes happening in the area.

NCDC auxiliary police with the assistance of the regular police will be deployed on site to ensure strict compliance to this notice and warns NCDC will not hesitate to charge any person or persons who fail to comply with this order under the relevant laws.


Picture courtesy of Rochelle Yauieb

Carolyn Ure