Youths help restore security

NCDC Social Services Director, Janet Haua said the new initiative called ‘Safe and clean Central Business District’ is currently being piloted in Gordon.

She said the initiative is looking at the general cleaning to maintaining law and Order including; removing of waste, ensuring bus stops are free, and doing awareness to the public of the importance of living in a safe and healthy environment.

The program also aims at giving back opportunities to the under privileged youths and develop a pathway for them to know their worth and potential to be successful.

Second chance for youths

The young men have been selected as part of a two-month heavy equipment operator training program with MAPEX Training Institute.

Samarai-Murua MP, Isi Leonard Henry, announced the program adding that he wanted to help these troubled youths get an opportunity to change their lives.

The Member outlined that this program is different from the usual scholarship that he has in his electorate.

The youths that he selected were deemed outcasts and troublemakers in the area.

Youths on murder charge allowed bail

Lua Iru and Wari Varage were arrested on April 8 after they allegedly killed a man on April 6 while fighting over a disputed land.

The man they allegedly killed intervened to stop the fight after they used fence posts to attack each other.

The deceased was struck on the back of his head. He felt pain to his head and was coughing up blood when he was taken to the Kupiano Health Centre.

He was later taken to the Port Moresby General Hospital but died on the way.

Youth take initiative while waiting on election results

The group, consisting of 128 boys, were in town to support candidate contesting the Usino-Bundi Open seat Vincent Kumara and decided to clean up the town as part of their community service.

As a community and youth leader back at Bundi, Kumara was pleased to see the youths do something productive while waiting for the election results in Madang Town.

With the theme "Carpe Diem" or "Sieze the Day", the boys did a 2.5km Sunday morning walkathon from Bukbuk to Tusbab beach picking up rubbish along the way.

​Emerging leaders’ congress for B’ville youths

Organised by Credit Union Foundation Australia, the event was held from May 23-25.

CUFA project officer, Ms Nellie Onabake, said the three-day Congress is aimed at getting youths, who have undergone CUFA trainings for the past two years together, to share their experiences.

“The youths will share with each other what kind of enterprises they have done after undergoing our trainings, so others can learn from their experiences,” she said.

Bringing out talents with Sprite

This idea is captured through Sprite Saikap – the PNG adaptation of Sprite’s global campaign “Obey you”.

In its second year now, the event is staged with the main message to encourage young people to step out of their comfort zones and follow their passions.

“We understand that with the literacy rate in PNG, sometimes, people are not so academically talented. So Sprite Saikap is just to encourage them that you don’t have to be school smart or book smart to make something for yourself,” said campaign manager Jacob Ilave.

Youth champions urging peers to stand up for SDGs

Bronwyn Kili, Lydia Dimokali, and Nathan Garry have been selected as the Youth Champions for the Global Goals by the United Nations in Papua New Guinea and are generating a youth movement towards the Goals.

Last week three champions organised a workshop for representatives from the University of Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea University of Technology, National Capital District Gender Desk, Basketball Federation Papua New Guinea, High Performance Sports, Mission Vibe, and Youth for Change.

Woitape youth given K48,000 for games

This question was directed to the youth of Woitape LLG in Goilala District by the local member William Samb.

Locals have organised a rugby tournament that has seen 16 teams for both male and female from surrounding villages will participate.

The teams will have knock-outs this week leading up to semi-finals on Saturday.

Samb, who was on ground the previous weekend, returned over the weekend with K48,000 to sponsor the competition.

Youths urged to make a change for the future

With the rise in homebrew consumption among youths, Milne Bay provincial youth coordinator Vicky Wesley urges youths to stay away from consuming homebrew and drugs as these are illegal.

She said it’s time for youths to change but it’s up to every individual to make the change within them.

 “If you feel you need to change, the only way out is to say no and say yes to change as the drugs and homebrew will only land you in more trouble and negativity.

“The need to change must come from within you and it takes a lot of boldness and courage to do so.”

LLG youth development council to be set up in Milne Bay

The Council will be set up under the youth program for the provincial community development division.

Provincial youth coordinator Vicky Wesley says the ultimate aim is to establish a mother body for Huhu LLG, which consists of 29 wards, including Ahioma and Nigila.

Under this program, they have been organising youths to surrender homemade guns and homebrew equipment.

The youths of Ahioma and Nigila took the first step to surrender their items last week to police.