Central Province

Locals kill criminals

Provincial Police Commander, Senior Inspector Patterson Birigi said the five suspects were slain by angry relatives, after they found them while hiding in a remote village in Fane LLG.

“The gang led by Awa Pilot was believed to be responsible for various crimes around the Tolokuma area until they met their fate,” said PPC Birigi.

Wagambie commend NCD/Central Police

NCD/ Central Commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr said the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika and PPC Central Patterson Birigi have taken the lead to ensure that operational plans are implemented this Christmas and New Year.  

He has commended Superintendent Silva Sika and PPC Birigi including officers, NCOs rank and file for the successful commencement of festive period operation so far.  

“We will make a difference in our communities to ensure that the majority of our people ,who are law abiding celebrate this period in a peaceful environment"  

K50m earmarked for Central Hospital project

PMGH is currently weighed down by patients from the National Capital District (NCD), Central and Gulf provinces with a large number of referrals also from outside Port Moresby, and the long line of Patients queuing up for hours on end to receive healthcare services are always a concern at PMGH.

The completion of the Central Hospital will assist PMGH by shifting 300 of its current 1, 200 beds, helping to reduce the loads at the maternity section, Emergency Department and many other sections of the hospital.

Gabagaba Classrooms Renovated

Thanks to BSP, as part of its 2022 Community Project Initiative, the BSP Marketing team refurbished three classrooms and handed them back to the school on Thursday, 4th August, along with the donation of a 2000L water tank, 40 double seater desks and BSP Sports merchandise items for the students.

It was an honour and surprise to the Gabagaba Primary School Community to witness the Group CEO of BSP, Robin Fleming, to officiate the handover of the keys of the classrooms to the school management.

Iduhu Maintains Lead

Still taking the lead for days is New Generation Party member, Keith Iduhu (NGP) with 10,806 votes.

Running second is Steven John (URP) with 7,224, on third place is Willie F Kaeka (IND) with 4,540. On fourth place is Gabriel Nicholas (PNGNP) polling 3,866 and fifth is Samuel Sariman (IND) with 3,799.

The elimination has come down to Orira Dabada (IND) eliminated at exclusion 28 yesterday afternoon.

Iduhu leads after 17th exclusion

Counting officials have completed the 17th elimination. National Alliance candidate Daniel Lohia was eliminated in this round.

After Lohia’s votes were distributed, Keith Iduhu of New Generation Party is ahead.

The top five candidates after elimination 17 is as follows;

1. Keith Iduhu (NGP) – 9,429
2. Steven John Manai (URP) – 6,359
3. Willie F Kaeaka (IND) – 3,943
4. Gabriel Nicholas (PNGNP) – 2,857
5. Samuel Sariman (IND) – 2,545

The absolute majority is 19,675 votes.

Isoaimo declared for Kairuku Open

Kairuku is the first Open electorate in Central Province to declare a member-elect for the 11th Parliament.

Isoaimo was declared by the Returning Officer for Kairuku Open, Henry Oa at the counting venue at Murray Barracks. Oa said Isoaimo won by 10,594, passing the absolute majority of 9,860 votes. Oa then invited Isoaimo to sign the writ.

“Today at my declaration I am the first member for Kairuku open seat, the journey to splitting Kairuku and Hiri Electorate took us well over 8 years,” said Isoaimo.

Hiri-Koiari Prep For Quality Check

Ballot boxes for Central Provincial seat were transferred to Ben Moide Club at Murray Barracks today.

Hiri-Koiari Returning Officer, Leo Ameua, said that before resuming quality checks, sitting arrangements will be reorganized. The number of counting officials will also be reduced.

He said this is to make sure the Open and Regional seat counting areas are not overcrowded.

Elemi and Temu lead respective counts

Last night, Turai Elemi (NAP) was leading the tally for Rigo Open with 4,573 votes, Ano Pala (PANGU Pati) was closely behind with 4,363, and incumbent MP Lekwa Gure (ULP) polled 2,505. Female candidate Vikki Mossine (FPP) followed with 1,977 votes, and independent candidate Esau Lui polled 1,711 votes. This covers 34.78% counting completion.

Meanwhile counting for Abau District in Central Province also began last Thursday, and is professing slowly and steadily. Counting officials managed to count 18 ballot boxes.

Rigo Counting Update

The progressive tally after count 1- Open Seat (Rigo District):

  1. Turai Elemi (National Alliance Party) – 292
  2. Vikki Mossine (Future of PNG Party) – 214
  3. Rendle Rimua (Independent) – 103
  4. Ano Pala (Pangu Pati) – 69
  5. Esau Lui (Independent) – 26