Youth take initiative while waiting on election results

Youths from the Bundi area have taken the initiative to clean up Madang Town on the weekend.

The group, consisting of 128 boys, were in town to support candidate contesting the Usino-Bundi Open seat Vincent Kumara and decided to clean up the town as part of their community service.

As a community and youth leader back at Bundi, Kumara was pleased to see the youths do something productive while waiting for the election results in Madang Town.

With the theme "Carpe Diem" or "Sieze the Day", the boys did a 2.5km Sunday morning walkathon from Bukbuk to Tusbab beach picking up rubbish along the way.

They collected all the rubbish along the Malabor Street to the main Jomba Road passed the New Town Plaza.

The clean-up ended at the junction by the Handy Mart Service Station opposite the Provincial Administration building.

The walkathon finished with fun activities at Tusbab Beach where the boys participated in the "Best Reef Competition" followed by light refreshments.

The first four best reefs were awarded to the Snow Pass Eco-Lodge at Bundi.

Kumara, who was also a recipient of the 2016 Digicel Man of Honor Award, said the event was a fun-filled, colorful and equally memorable adventure.

He said they will continue with three more clean-up activities throughout the week at different locations while the counting process is going on.

They’ll start cleaning up on Tuesday from Handymart in front of the Madang Provincial Government building to the Modilon General Hospital.

On Wednesday, they’ll continue from there to Tusbab Beach and down to Modilon Supermarket next to Holy Spirit.

On Thursday, they will start along the beach from the Kalibobo Light House back to Tusbab Beach. 

Quintina Naime