Kokopo mayor sent to two years imprisonment

Bonga was found guilty by the Kokopo District Court for dangerous driving causing death.

The defendant, 43 years, from Takubar village, Kokopo Vunamami Urban LLG in East New Britain Province was charged with one count of dangerous driving, causing the death of Jack Livuan, father of three on Saturday, May 18, 2013, at about 4 am along the Vunamami Bitawawar road.

Island leaders meet in Kokopo

Host province Governor, Michael Marum and provincial government officials welcomed the first group of leaders and delegates starting on Saturday evening. The rest of the meeting parties arrived Sunday morning in Kokopo.

Two meetings will take place in Kokopo: the Forum Fisheries Committee meeting to discuss the United States Treaty regarding funds distribution and the East New Britain (ENB) Initiative.

Focus on youths

District and LLG leaders voiced their support during the commemoration of the International Youth Day, which falls on the 12th of August every year.

KVULLG observed the event on Friday, August 11th, with a march pass from the Kokopo Secondary School roundabout to the market, where speeches were held under this year’s theme of ‘Green Skills for Youths’.

KVULLG Manager, Freddie Lemeki, said the theme points to skills at home or in the communities, where young people can tap into to add value to their lives.

Kokopo organisers commended

The annual program was observed in Kokopo City on Friday, August 11th, where hundreds of residents gathered to commemorate it.

“From day one, we at the provincial level began this program and have delegated to the districts and LLGs, and I must commend Norman Samson and your team in the Kokopo Vunamami Urban LLG (KVULLG) for embracing and sustaining this program every year,” Ainui stated.

Young PLWD encourages peers

Nathan Singura said for youths to achieve their full potential, they need to be prepared to work hard.

“Looking for shortcuts in life gets young people nowhere, and often you will end up in trouble and even death,” he said.

Young Singura further encouraged his peers to not be ashamed of their disabilities, but look beyond to discover their capabilities.

Warwagira Festival underway in Kokopo

The festival was opened yesterday by East New Britain Governor Michael Marum. It concludes this Sunday July 16, 2023.

Kalat Tiriman, BSP Kokopo Branch Manager, highlighted the significance of preserving cultural identity and empowering the youth for the benefit of future generations.

Speaking at the sponsorship presentation on July 11, Tiriman expressed BSP's pride in being a community-oriented bank and its dedication to supporting events that unite the people of Papua New Guinea.

Kokopo Secondary observe WED

This year they made three carbon sink or green houses. The construction of the frames were pre-fabricated by the Grade 11 practical skills students, under the supervision of Social Science and Geography teacher, Elsie Ratchy.

It was a beautiful sight to see young students being sensitized about the importance of containing the carbon sink to preserve the environment.  Three grade 11 geography classes took the challenge to build the green houses.

The constructions were done the weekend before the actual World Environment Day which falls on Monday 5th June. 

Midwifery Schools Welcome New Birth Simulators

The simulators were supplied by the United Nations Population Fund Country Office and Laerdal Global Health (Norway).

The school’s Midwifery Coordinator, Francesca Bevi, said the simulators help her 17 students build their competence but also their confidence, as the mannequins allow students hands-on practice before they enter clinical practice. Importantly, students can make mistakes, have these corrected, and repeat their correct techniques, before attending to live births. Bevi shared that such practice is essential for women to receive the best quality of care.

Cowboys take out Agmark 9s Cup

Both teams went through the quarter and semifinals playoff before the big grand final showdown and played in front of a good size crowd.

Kokopo City Rugby League Agmark 9s tournament is used as a launch pad to get the domestic East New Britain rugby league back up and running after being domain for two years due to covid-19.

Under the presidency of Nicole Kamara and her new  executive Kokopo City League initiated  the 9s tournament to lure the interest back and get the clubs organized for the 2023 season proper which will follow shortly.

Call for collaborative action

The event highlighted discussions on the common challenges and opportunities in the field of information and communication technology within the Pacific region.

During the event, Minister for Information and Communication Science, Timothy Masiu, spoke to the Pacific leaders to work together for a better region and highlighted the issues in the Pacific like natural disasters, social issues, and technological issues.

The resolutions from the meeting will be documented by officials and submitted to Ministers in the region.