World Environment Day

Vanimo commemorates World Environment Day

The event was held at the Vanimo Oval yesterday, where primary school students and the community participated actively.

This year’s theme is “Our Land. Our Future,” emphasizing the importance of preserving the planet’s natural resources.

The community came together to emphasize the need for sustainable practices and to protect the planet for future generations, while local primary school students showcased their environmental projects, highlighting the impact of human activities on the environment.

Mangrove planting to commemorate World Environment Day

Aigned with this year's theme of "Land Restoration, Desertification & Drought Resilience" this initiative aimed to rehabilitate degraded mangrove sites in Fairfax Harbour, Caution Bay, and NCDC areas.

The effort was part of the ZND Mangrove Conservation & Rehabilitation Program under the Papua LNG project's commitment to achieving net biodiversity gain. 

A total of 310 mangrove seedlings, comprising seven native species, were planted to enhance the mangrove ecosystems vital for biodiversity, natural storm surge controls, and wildlife habitats.

Saving Leatherback Turtles: A Beach Tale of Unity"

They show bravery and quick thinking.

Despite one turtle being caught and eaten, the eggs remain safe. On July 4th, 26 new life emerged from the beach from the protected eggs.

 In the true spirit of saving the great leatherbacks, elementary students of Malas Primary School guided these tiny turtles to the sea, not only saving them but also educating others about the importance of protecting these turtles.

This all happened on World Environment Day, a reminder to save these gentle giants.

Maintaining momentum for environmental initiatives

The meeting, hosted by Amazing Port Moresby and Community Social Services, provided an opportunity for stakeholders to share their experiences and provide feedback on the impact of the activities organized by the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and its partners.

Kokopo Secondary observe WED

This year they made three carbon sink or green houses. The construction of the frames were pre-fabricated by the Grade 11 practical skills students, under the supervision of Social Science and Geography teacher, Elsie Ratchy.

It was a beautiful sight to see young students being sensitized about the importance of containing the carbon sink to preserve the environment.  Three grade 11 geography classes took the challenge to build the green houses.

The constructions were done the weekend before the actual World Environment Day which falls on Monday 5th June. 

Use WED to create policies: Senior officer

Sinivit LLG President and East New Britain Deputy Governor, Boniface Gerep, said by now, preventive measures should be in place by relevant government organisations to ensure the country can address or find solutions to pollution.

He said statistics show that only 9 percent of the 300 million tonnes of plastic manufactured in the world goes back for recycling, another 12 percent is destroyed or incinerated, while the rest, which is about 80 percent, is dumped and pollutes the environment.

Sinivit commemorates 50th anniversary

The program began with a 3-kilometre march pass from the LLG office in Sunam Ward to the Kadaulung junction in Laup Ward by students and teachers of Warangoi secondary and primary schools, Sikut and Rieit primary schools and LLG public servants, escorted by Warangoi police.

LLG president, Boniface Gerep, launched a two-day clean up program for all the 16 wards in the LLG.

The WED program coordinator and LLG Environmental Health Officer (EHO), John Piga, said no specific dates were set for the clean up program this week as it will depend on the individual wards.

Protect the environment

Rabaul District Health Manager, Garry Mano said it is important that rubbish is sorted according their categories making it easier to dispose accordingly.

“Have different bins for paper, plastic, metal, glass and even food waste. Separate wet waste from dry waste and by doing so we can identify what needs to be recycled. Waste segregation can also reduce the risk of injury or exposure from sharp objects such as broken glass and tins,” Mano said.

OTDF maintain cleanliness

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day “Beat Plastic Pollution”. The idea of the activities in Kiunga is to maintain clean and safe environment as a community development organization.

OTDF staff at field bases along the Fly River commemorated the day by planting trees. 

OTDF’s Safety Coordinator, Shane Tarue, said that observing the day raises awareness on the environment and the effects of human activities on nature and people.

One Million Trees Planting initiative launched

The initiative aims to engage the community in a large-scale tree planting effort, enhancing green cover, mitigating climate change, improving air quality, and beautifying the Nation’s Capital through planting a million trees.

This year, NCDC chose six locations around the city to roll-out the initiative; Sana Peace Park, UPNG, Boroko (Agua Road), Bisini (Soccer Field), Murray Barracks and Bomana Correctional Service.

The objective was to transform the landscape, promote sustainability, and contribute to a greener and healthier city.