East New Britain Province

Students lead beach clean-up

Provincial Climate Change Program Officer Maryanne Wariga said on Wednesday 16th August 2023 a clean-up program was underway in Ialakua ward, Raluana LLG in Kokopo. Malia Foundation led the program.

Wariga said under the Natural Resource Management and Development (NRDM) unit they have two programs; Climate Change and Environment management, and Conservation.

“Such initiatives are good and Malia Foundation has set an example for all coastal villagers to take part also,” she said.

Kokopo organisers commended

The annual program was observed in Kokopo City on Friday, August 11th, where hundreds of residents gathered to commemorate it.

“From day one, we at the provincial level began this program and have delegated to the districts and LLGs, and I must commend Norman Samson and your team in the Kokopo Vunamami Urban LLG (KVULLG) for embracing and sustaining this program every year,” Ainui stated.

ENB hosts Anti-corruption Workshop

The workshop is on corruption risk assessment and mitigation plans for provincial governments.

The workshop is a continuation of the first workshop on corruption risk assessment and management for representatives from public sector agencies.

It is organized by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) under the PNG Ant-Corruption Project, and funded by European Union. UNDP and the United National Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Sinivit undergoes Healthy Island Concept training

The programs will ride on the ENB Provincial Government’s ward focus policy.

Sinivit of Pomio District is one LLG that is doing its part to upskill the Ward Development Committees (WDC), through their respective sector sub-committees.

Under the health sector, the LLG’s Environmental Health Officer (EHO), John Piga, recently held a training on the Healthy Island Concept for 13 of the 18 wards.

This is because the other 5 wards are located along the south coast corridor and could not make it due to bad weather.

Commitment to support PNG festivals

Marketing manager, Maryanne Tom, made the statement following Trukai’s K10,000 cash sponsorship towards this year’s 26th National Mask & Warwagira Festival in Kokopo, East New Britain Province. 

The five-day festival commenced with the Kinavai Tubuan Mask dancers on Wednesday, July 12th, and concluded on Sunday, July 16th.

“Cultural events such as the Warwagira Festival is a great way to showcase our proud culture and heritage,” said Tom.

Rabaul welcomes rural electricity project

This follows a successful awareness on the rural electricity (RE) program conducted last week in these areas by the Rabaul District Administration technical officers, and representatives from PNG Power and contractor Pawa Com.

The awareness exercise, an administrative responsibility of the Rabaul District Administration highlighted the positive impacts of power supply including improving access to electricity, enhancing living conditions, supporting economic growth and enabling social progress.

Warwagira Festival underway in Kokopo

The festival was opened yesterday by East New Britain Governor Michael Marum. It concludes this Sunday July 16, 2023.

Kalat Tiriman, BSP Kokopo Branch Manager, highlighted the significance of preserving cultural identity and empowering the youth for the benefit of future generations.

Speaking at the sponsorship presentation on July 11, Tiriman expressed BSP's pride in being a community-oriented bank and its dedication to supporting events that unite the people of Papua New Guinea.

Improving access to water and sanitation needs

District Administrator, Benedict Mode said the establishment of the committee is part of the National WaSH policy that requires districts to have WaSH committees and is one of the priority of the government of the day to drive WaSH projects and programs.

The district WASH committee chaired by Mr Mode and comprises of the four LLG managers and sector heads, was established following a training conducted in March this year in Kokopo and attended by environmental health officers (EHOs) and himself.

ENB Physical Planning Board sworn in

Thirteen of the 16 board members were present for the swearing in program, which was attended by a delegation led by the Acting Chief Physical Planner in the country, Linus Billy.

The board has a term of three years and is chaired by Acting ENB Provincial Administrator, Levi Mano.

Addressing the board, Billy said ENB is one of the first provinces to set up its board.

He urged the board members to work according to the Physical Planning Act, so to ensure they achieve plans and policies such as the National Government Policy on Kokopo as a declared City.

Increased LLGs for ENBP

Deputy ENB Provincial Administrator for District and LLG Services, Nicholas Larme, said from the 18 LLGs, the province now has an additional 5 rural LLGs of Inland Pomio, Mamusi-Yana, Vunadidir, Livuan and Open Bay.

These 5 LLGs were split from the merged LLGs of Central Inland Pomio and West Pomio Mamusi in Pomio District, and Toma-Vunadidir, Livuan-Reimber and Lassul-Baining in Gazelle District.