East New Britain Province

Education Centre To Provide Pathways For Students

The building located at the Rabaul District headquarters, Kurakakaul will provide pathways for students to further their education.

This project was approved last year and awarded to a local construction company, Bela Investment Limited at a contract value of K1, 483 049.15. Foundation works commenced in April 2022 with an implementation timeframe of five months.

District Education Coordinator, Markus Tipepe said that this is an important project for the district as it will provide second chance opportunities for students.

Marum Is ENB Governor-elect

The former PNG Kumuls and Hunters coach raced home to victory with 33,285 votes to be declared governor-elect for the province at 4pm.

Marum in an official speech acknowledged the efforts of provincial electoral officials and the office for the past two weeks. He also lauded outgoing governor, Nakikus Konga.

“I thank outgoing Governor, Konga for his time and efforts over the past five years. Now that I have taken over, I look forward to working with him.

Wong Retains Seat

Wong, 44, is the third candidate in East New Britain to be declared Member of Parliament.

Returning Officer, John Wartovo declared Wong at 2.30 pm after the 31st and final exclusion at midday. Wong’s final tally was 9,348 votes with National Alliance candidate and former Gazelle MP, Malakai Tabar coming in second with 6, 373 votes. The Absolute Majority was 7,861.

ENB Final Countdown

Kubak bowed out with 16,810 votes.

Exhausted ballot papers-25,610 and Absolute Majority is 37,476

The progressive tally is:

  1. Michael Marum +3982              31,715
  2. Cosmas Bauk +2456                24,053
  3. Robert Lutulet +981                  19,182

Marum is 6,000 short of reaching the Absolute Majority.

Ereman ToBaining Declared

ToBaining scored over the expected majority with the winning votes of 12, 052.

He served as the Member for Kokopo from 2012 to 2017.

Tobaining lost in the 2017 National General Election to Emil Tammur.

In this year’s National General Elections, coming in second place was PANGU Pati candidate Emil Tammur with 6,729 votes.

The winner was declared after the 20th elimination.

ToBaining’s win now adds to a total of six MP’s declared under the PNC Party banner.

Kokopo Continues Elimination

The elimination process commenced on Saturday afternoon at Vunapope Diocesian Hall upon completion of quality checks.

Top 5:

  1. Ereman ToBaining Jnr - 8,901
  2. Emil Tammur- 4,709
  3. Komet Malari- 3, 390
  4. Ekonia Walom- 3,007
  5. Elison Mapua- 1,561

Eliminations are continuing.

10 Eliminated In Gazelle Race

Eliminations began on Saturday afternoon and continues today.

The 10 candidates that have been eliminated from the race are (order of 1st elimination) Margaret Sova, Philip Siaguru, Beniljus Jawai, Darius Kalulu, Albert Tilimon, Patrick Vatenge, Benedict Killion, Richard Tapil, Jack Angra, Moses Joshua.

After the 10th exclusion on Moses Joshua, the progressive tally for the Gazelle Open Seat is:

Top 5

Graham Rumet Oust Marat By 3 Votes

The formal declarations were made at 5pm at the counting venue at Malaguna Secondary School.

The final total after the 7th and final exclusion, Dr Marat received 5,189 votes while Graham Rumet tallied 5,192 votes.

This follows the distribution of 3447 Votes from the 7th Exclusion by United Labor  Party Candidate #:15 Raymond Paulias to the Melanesian Liberal Party (MLP) Leader, Dr. Allan Marat and Pangu Candidate, Graham Piniau Rumet.

The Votes Distribution included the Exhausted Votes:

1. Can #:14 Dr. Allan Marat - 4857 + 332 = 5189

Rabaul Open Nears Declaration

Candidate Wayne Coleman who polled 1,515 after the 5th Exclusion registered the least number of votes, therefore is being eliminated from the contest for the Rabaul Open Seat.

No Candidates Reach Absolute Majority

The Total Number of Formal Votes - 13124 and Informal Votes - 651. After the Primary Counts, no candidates has reached the Absolute Majority - 50%+1 (6562+1)

Therefore, Team Rabaul Open electorate will proceed into Quality Checks and commence Elimination until the Absolute Majority is reached and Declaration.

The Result after Counts #: 19 and 20 are as follows;

10. Francis Tavatun                                         04 + 05 = 09

11. Wayne Coleman Tamsak                           94 + 60 = 154