Empower People To Help Themselves: Eoe

We cannot deliver the needs of the people all at once but allow them to do things for themselves and this can only be done when they are empowered, says Member for Kikori, Soroe Eoe.

He said many times communities are sitting back and asking for handouts, they want us leaders  give funding for new clinics, schools and churches, yet are basic needs they cannot be delivered all at once.

“They want hospitals, clinics and schools I cannot do that with the money I have, so what we do is give them the tools to empower them and they help themselves. This is smart thinking all we need to give is roofing irons and nails and they build what they need,” Mr Eoe said.

When stressing on empowerment he showed support for inland Belepa youth group, Hobo Youths with the donation of two chainsaws and funding support of K10,000 for the community’s use this is of great help to the inland village.

“We are giving them portable chainsaws so we encourage the people to build their own houses, clinics and schools. We only provide with what they need for the building.”

During an official handover in Belepa village recently, Hobo youths were full of praise for the support and thanked their local Member for the support.

Meantime, the Kikori District Development Authority is taking in discussion with partners and contracts have been given for electricity works in the district with Baimuru and Kikori set to light up but Ihu will need more work for electricity to flow in.

“For Ihu we have to hold it because water is going in and interrupting, so we will look at solar lighting for the time being. We can move Ihu away from where it is to somewhere safer,” Mr Eoe said.

KDDA and the Member during their visit recently have identified areas in Ihu LLG for portable solar lighting to be installed and delivered as soon as possible. Assisting the Member is Ihu LLG President, Charles Maiu who will make sure the solar lights are installed and working.

“We will make sure all the lights are delivered to all the villages from Bluff to West Kikori along the mountain tops, all the villages will light we cannot leave the villages be in the dark all the time. Why not transform the lives of the people for the time being,” added Mr Eoe.

Susan Oreape