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Creating NOCFS is strategic

The move to have an independent office from the former Community Development is a clear indication of the government’s support to the implementation of the Lukautim Pikinini Act.

CEO/Director for National Office of Child and Family Services, Simon Yanis told media during the Partnership Agreement signing with Save the Children PNG that this move is in the right direction to bring hope to children especially those street children and the marginalized.

National Volunteers Day Celebrated

The event recognized the hard working people who have committed their time and energy into bringing about change and opportunities to communities in the country.

The day falls on 12th July, this year marks 32 years of existence with a long history of organizational knowledge and volunteer management since its inception on 12th April 1990.

NVS is known as an agency of the Government mandated to recruit, place and manage volunteers in the country as stipulated in the National Volunteer Service Act 1990.

Empower People To Help Themselves: Eoe

He said many times communities are sitting back and asking for handouts, they want us leaders  give funding for new clinics, schools and churches, yet are basic needs they cannot be delivered all at once.

“They want hospitals, clinics and schools I cannot do that with the money I have, so what we do is give them the tools to empower them and they help themselves. This is smart thinking all we need to give is roofing irons and nails and they build what they need,” Mr Eoe said.

Funding To Empower Wards

He highlighted this when announcing recently that all the 131 wards situated in the five LLGs in Gazelle electorate will receive K10,000 for use on identified impact ward development activities according to a Gazelle DDA board decision.

A total of K1.3 million in funding under the District Service Improvement Programme (DSIP) funds will be allocated to wards in Inland Baining, Central Gazelle, Livuan Reimber, Lassul Baining and Toma Vunadidir.

Trukai Backs Community Observe Event

Today, Thursday 2nd December, Trukai was at Porebada to support the Shinning Stars Association in their activities. The company donated 100kg of rice and some merchandise to help villagers celebrate the event, which falls on December 3.

The theme for IDPD 2021 is "Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities towards an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-COVID 19 world”.

Financial Literacy MoU

It will be implemented in three districts.

The MoU will see a Training of Trainers program in financial literacy, carried out for 100 members of the informal sector from the Imbonggu District in the Southern Highlands, the Gazelle District in East New Britain and Bialla in West New Britain.

The MoU has a life of one year, with training set to begin this September in Imbonggu. CEFI will carry out the training, with the support of Community Development staff on the ground.

Primero launch to help address GBV

Child protection officers and volunteers and other informal service providers offering case management services will use Primero as a tool to manage cases of violence, abuse, neglect of women and children. With the system they will be able to collect, store, analyse and share protection-related data that can be used for planning, budgeting and advocacy.

New media studio to help Department

The studio at a cost of K200 thousand is set to cut production costs by half a million kina for the department, a cost saving measure that was welcomed by both the Department Secretary and the Minister who were on hand to witness the opening this afternoon.

The new department multimedia studio is herald as a culmination of two years of planned out media development initiatives.

Education gives children opportunity

This was highlighted at the recent launch of a new double classroom building at the Simola primary school along the Mushu coastline of the Vanimo Green District, Sandaun province.

Education is the single biggest opportunity that can be given to a child, and for this reason Digicel PNG Foundation is committed to delivering quality classrooms all around the country.

These classrooms can aid to help children have an environment that is conducive to their education.

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