Youths on murder charge allowed bail

Two youths from Paramana village in the Abau district of Central Province, who were arrested and charged with murder, have been released on National Court bail of K1,000.

Lua Iru and Wari Varage were arrested on April 8 after they allegedly killed a man on April 6 while fighting over a disputed land.

The man they allegedly killed intervened to stop the fight after they used fence posts to attack each other.

The deceased was struck on the back of his head. He felt pain to his head and was coughing up blood when he was taken to the Kupiano Health Centre.

He was later taken to the Port Moresby General Hospital but died on the way.

In presenting their bail application, they complained their rights were breached, as they were not fed whilst in custody at the 15-Mile Police station from April 8-12.

The state opposed bail over their safety, however the court saw it would not be in the best interest of justice to further detain them.

The youths were warned not to consume any form of alcohol while out on bail. They should also not interfere with state witnesses.

Sally Pokiton