Rigo district

First shipment of Sialum cattle arrive at Keapara

These batch of cattle will be restocked at the Launakalana ranch for breeding under the National cattle breeding program. The 187 heads of cattle were bought by the Livestock Development Corporation from smallholder farmers in Sialum, Tewai-Siassi Morobe Province.

LDC Board Chairman, Martin Gynauru said the main purpose of this project is to breed the cattle.

“Sialum has the stock and LDC is buying from the smallholders famers. They don’t have the market so we are providing a market for the local farmers”, he added.

Elemi and Temu lead respective counts

Last night, Turai Elemi (NAP) was leading the tally for Rigo Open with 4,573 votes, Ano Pala (PANGU Pati) was closely behind with 4,363, and incumbent MP Lekwa Gure (ULP) polled 2,505. Female candidate Vikki Mossine (FPP) followed with 1,977 votes, and independent candidate Esau Lui polled 1,711 votes. This covers 34.78% counting completion.

Meanwhile counting for Abau District in Central Province also began last Thursday, and is professing slowly and steadily. Counting officials managed to count 18 ballot boxes.

Rigo Counting Update

The progressive tally after count 1- Open Seat (Rigo District):

  1. Turai Elemi (National Alliance Party) – 292
  2. Vikki Mossine (Future of PNG Party) – 214
  3. Rendle Rimua (Independent) – 103
  4. Ano Pala (Pangu Pati) – 69
  5. Esau Lui (Independent) – 26

Youths Told To Campaign For God

The gathering took place from June 18 – 19th. The two youth groups programmed a return fellowship prior to a combined fellowship back in May, with more than 50 youths hosted at the Sivitatana village in inland Rigo.

Deacon Makora from Sivitatana village shared to the youths on how life is useless and pointless without God, and must be given back to the creator. 

The Sivia youths performed dramas, creative dances and celebrated in line with the Sunday service that was led by the Local Minister for Sivitatana Reverend Bola Bora and Youth Executives.

PPL Extends Power Distribution Grid

On Thursday this week the PPL were at Bina LLG, which is the first village of the 4th and final phase. In this community, the power contractors have connected and energized more than 20 houses including the classrooms, staff houses, aid post, and also houses for the local community.

The project is supported by grant funding of NZ$20 million through the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) to enable PPL to Deliver the Rural on Grid Extension Project (ROGEP) in the Central Province.

Tauruba Water supply

The community needs consistent water supply to make toilets that are at the standard that the ODF program requires.

Anis Foundation, as the implementer of the ODF further assured Tauruba Community that it will assist in bringing in the water supply to make the toilets international standards.

Rigo launches new academic plans

This is to improve the literacy and numeracy outcomes of elementary students.

Rigo District celebrated the launch of new School Learning Improvement Plans (SLIP) and a Central Province Elementary School Service Charter on Tuesday, December 3.

This is the second launch in Central Province following a similar event in Kairuku District in September 2019.

SLIPs are a key component of the National Department of Education’s Planning framework.

Rigo needs over K400,000 for NID exercise

This was the figure shared by the District Development Authority following a recent signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the PNG Civil Identity & Registration office.

Deputy Registrar Salome Bogasia sat with members of the Rigo DDA and local MP Lekwa Gure to formalise the understanding on Monday.

District CEO Koru Abe said: “We went through the MoU and did the costings. Over a period of three years we will need over K400,000, most of which will go to (logistics).”

Rigo health services expected to improve

This is an initiative of the Digicel Foundation in partnership with the office of the Member for Rigo and the District Development Authority.

The partnership for the purchase of the mobile health centre was signed on Monday, November 12th.

Many sectors in both districts and provinces lack resources and facilities and in the health sector, mobile health services or fully kitted ambulances is one of the vital resources that is lacking; and this is no exception for Rigo District in Central Province.

POM’s potential ‘food basket’

Local member Lekwa Gure said the Central Province district will do this by capitalising on its agriculture sector.

Agriculture is one of the district’s potential sectors and with its headquarters – the Kwikila Township – an hour-and-a-half away from one of the country’s biggest markets, Port Moresby, presents numerous opportunities.

“That is the biggest opportunity we are trying to capitalise on and make Rigo District the food basket for the National Capital District,” said Gure.

The office of the member is now in dialogue with external stakeholders.