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EU-STREIT PNG provides training

EU-STREIT PNG have conducted six cocoa bud grafting and block management trainings for 1061 lead farmers in Aitape, East and West LLGs, in order to rehabilitate old cocoa trees and those affected by cocoa pod borer (CPB) pest. A new vanilla pollination technique will equip 357 lead farmers in six villages in remote areas.

FAO-led EU-STREIT PNG conducted 12 trainings for farmers in Sandaun, who earn a living from cocoa and vanilla.

UN Backs PNG’s Fight

In supporting this, the UN has led a joint project on preventing and countering corruption in Papua New Guinea and adding significant resources to its current efforts.

The new investment valued at EUR 5.4 million represents a major commitment by the UN, the European Union and PNG Government to tackle corruption.

This will be channeled to the Government of PNG to implement key components of the Government’s National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Plan of Action. 


EU Invests In Anti-Corruption Project

Funded by the European Union, this new investment valued at EUR 5.4 million represents a major commitment by the United Nations, the European Union and Government to tackle corruption.

An integral part of the EU-PNG Partnership for Good Governance, the overall goal of the Papua New Guinea Anti-Corruption Project is to substantially reduce corruption. 

Among the Project’s partners are the PNG Government, key national institutions, civil society, and communities.

Global Day of Parents

It is a day to appreciate all parents in the world and thank them for their selfless commitment to children, and lifelong sacrifices towards nurturing this relationship.Children should grow up in a family environment and in an atmosphere of happiness, love and Understanding, for the full and harmonious development of their personality.

UN strengthens presence in Highlands region

The new office in Mendi, their coordination office for the Highlands Joint Programme, was opened by UN Resident Coordinator Gianluca Rampolla with UNDP Resident Representative Dirk Wagener, together with Deputy Provincial Administrators Simon Fiebik and Henry Happen.

FAO’s Mirriam Mondia, UNFPA’s Marielle Sander and UN Women’s Caroline Nyamayemombe, along with staff from FAO, IOM and UN Women attended the event, marking a movement towards stronger coordination between agencies working for Highlands communities.

UN SG launches plan to address potentially devastating socio-economic impacts of COVID-19

The potential longer-term effects on the global economy and those of individual countries are dire.   In a new report, Shared responsibility, global solidarity: Responding to the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19, the United Nations Secretary-General calls on everyone to act together to address this impact and lessen the blow to people.

Young PNGeans to attend youth forum in New York

The event will take place between 8th and 9th of April.

The Youth Forum is an annual platform through which youth from the Member States contribute to policy discussions at the United Nations.

The United Nations in Papua New Guinea is supporting the participation of Leoshina Kariha, who is the 2019 UNICEF Youth Advocate, along with Kim Allen, an avid youth advocate in his community.

A year since M7.5 quake

The event impacted almost 550,000 people, displaced almost 20,000, and destroyed roads, bridges, hospitals, schools and other vital public infrastructure. It increased an already precarious food insecurity situation by damaging garden plots and interrupting water supplies.

Many of the 200 aftershocks measuring between M4.5 and M5.5 caused widespread panic among the affected population and continue to do so.

UN challenges PNG govt over illegal land grabbing

More than 50,000 square kilometres of indigenous land has been seized using the illegal agriculture leases, as exposed in a 2015 Commission of Inquiry.

Despite many claims it will cancel the leases, the PNG government has been slow to take any steps to reverse the land grab and is still allowing foreign companies to use the stolen land for logging and oil palm planting.

UN, US call for free press in PNG

The United Nations and the United States say they stand with journalists and media professionals and condemn any effort to curb media freedom.

In a statement, the UN and US say free press has the power to transform societies and foster economic growth and build the confidence of investors.

“We all depend on it.