Youths Told To Campaign For God

A combined fellowship was held for more than 100 youths from Sivitatana and Gabone villages in Rigo District to spread the word to youth on life with God.

The gathering took place from June 18 – 19th. The two youth groups programmed a return fellowship prior to a combined fellowship back in May, with more than 50 youths hosted at the Sivitatana village in inland Rigo.

Deacon Makora from Sivitatana village shared to the youths on how life is useless and pointless without God, and must be given back to the creator. 

The Sivia youths performed dramas, creative dances and celebrated in line with the Sunday service that was led by the Local Minister for Sivitatana Reverend Bola Bora and Youth Executives.

Gabone youths with assistance to their elders handed over cooked dishes of food, rice bags, sugar bail, shells, fish etc. as a token of their friendship and Sivia youths handed over K1000 to Gabone youths in appreciation of their combined fellowship.

Local Minister for Gabone, Garo Kila and Chairman for Gabone Local, Amos Vali acknowledged the youth for the great combination and said it was a great way to campaign for the Lord, while the elections is underway.

Loop Author