College wants deaths to end

He plans to petition the provincial government on a number of issues which has affected  not just Madang Technical College but other institutions like Divine Word and Maritime College over the years.

This is not the first time students have died at the hands of thugs residing in the nearby settlements. Mr. Weimeia would like to see that this is the last time a student loses his life in this manner. He says this issue also affected nearby institutions and is something that needs to be addressed urgently.

Awareness conducted for locals

Executive Officer Ricky Mombi and Project Coordinator Sam Uyagaum visited the people of Iabu of Manam Island who now reside in the Potzdam Care Centre and Mambuan village in Yawar LLG, Bogia District.

The issues of the provincial government and administration highlighted and discussed to the people were;

  • Madang Governor’s election petitions
  • Administrative matters
  • Eviction and related risks to indigenous Madang people

Project awareness conducted by Mr Uyagaum were about SME and scholarship opportunities.

Madang comes to a standstill

Relatives and disgruntled citizens gathered to march up to N7 which resulted in numerous riots and clashes in town. This resulted in properties being damaged, stores looted, residential areas broken into and vehicles stoned.

Police investigations have commenced and suspects are voluntarily giving themselves up according to Provincial Police Commander Superintendent David Seine Jnr. As yet police are unable to release any information regarding the brutal killing of the CID officer.

Gov’t extends support to quake victims

Prime Minister James Marape expressed his heartfelt sympathy and unwavering support for the people of Madang and neighbouring provinces severely impacted by the devastating 6.7 magnitude earthquake that struck on Saturday evening, October 7, 2023, with its epicentre located at Basamuk in the Rai Coast District.

In response to this tragic disaster, Prime Minister Marape has taken immediate action, swiftly mobilising relevant government departments and agencies to assess the extent of the damage and the number of individuals affected.

Quake knocks down homes, affects businesses

Most houses all over town also collapsed, most of them being semi-permanent.

Residents of the Wagol area in Madang felt the most of the impact with numerous houses down.

These are the people who work hard to clean Madang town, now in need they are calling on the Government for immediate assistance.

Madang hit by 6.7 magnitude earthquake

Casualties from the highways have been moved to Modilon Hospital and the hospital is reportedly full and patients are being treated in the open air outside.

While the extent of the damage will be determined later, several buildings in Madang town have been damaged.and pipelines at Ramu Nico’s Basamuk Refinery have also been reported ruptured.

An urgent disaster report released from Basamuk by the Ramu Nico team states that Basamuk refinery sustained very strong impacts from the quake with operations stopped.

Madang on Drought Alert

The province is currently facing threats of a drought, which could have severe consequences for both the environment and the local communities.

In the case of Madang, the potential drought threat could impact agriculture, fisheries, and hydropower generation. Already there has been continuous power outages resulting in water cuts, because water supply pumps need power supply to generate water in town.

Madang gov’t Labor Mobility program

The awareness session has commenced through various media platforms. The awareness will cover the goal or purpose of the program, background information, criteria and contact information for further enquiries.

According to a media release from the Governor’s office, the goal of the program is to reduce unemployment rate for our people in Madang, especially the youth population and secondly to reduce law and order activities in the Province.

Police calm Korak unrest

The unrest occurred due to the killing of 26-year-old Reinheart Masule Yakamaw, a youth from the Korak village community, on Friday 21st July. It is stated that during the time Reinheart was shot, the community at Korak were at a nearby village attending a hauskrai of a former Bogia member.

Historical event by Ramu-Bundi mission

This is a responsibility they were not expected to shoulder.

ELCPNG Evangelism Department Head, Reverend Hans Giegere, made this statement while officially opening the 39th ELC Simbu District Women’s Conference at Karani Lutheran Mission Station in the Usino Local Level Government of Usino-Bundi district, Madang Province, on Sunday.

Rev. Giegere noted that such a district gathering is usually hosted by circuits within that district, not at a district mission field like this one.