Paramana village

Youths on murder charge allowed bail

Lua Iru and Wari Varage were arrested on April 8 after they allegedly killed a man on April 6 while fighting over a disputed land.

The man they allegedly killed intervened to stop the fight after they used fence posts to attack each other.

The deceased was struck on the back of his head. He felt pain to his head and was coughing up blood when he was taken to the Kupiano Health Centre.

He was later taken to the Port Moresby General Hospital but died on the way.

​Central Province: Polling suspended in village

This stemmed from voters being turned away after finding out they were not eligible to vote.

Their frustrations turned to anger and the disgruntled voters entered the polling booth at the Women's Fellowship Hall, forcing Presiding Officer, Veali Veali, to suspend polling immediately.

Veali said there are 1,511 eligible voters in Paramana village but the villagers claimed the figure was wrong; there should be over 2000 eligible voters.

Veali said the Returning Officer will make a decision on the next course of action.

​Village councilor reports deaths due to no medicine

This is the reason why Ward Member for Paramana village along the Aroma Coast, Kiki Geno, is appealing to authorities for medicine to be supplied for the aid post that has remained neglected for two years now.

The founder of the Paramana Strangers band told Loop PNG that the aid post has been without medicine since it was built back in 2015.

“When people get sick, we have to take them by PMV or any other car down to Port Moresby. Some people have even died on the road,” said Geno.

“Over 20 people have died in the last two years. It’s a real problem.”