Bringing out talents with Sprite

A person can be weak academically but very talented in other areas. This is still ok.

This idea is captured through Sprite Saikap – the PNG adaptation of Sprite’s global campaign “Obey you”.

In its second year now, the event is staged with the main message to encourage young people to step out of their comfort zones and follow their passions.

“We understand that with the literacy rate in PNG, sometimes, people are not so academically talented. So Sprite Saikap is just to encourage them that you don’t have to be school smart or book smart to make something for yourself,” said campaign manager Jacob Ilave.

The campaign also has local ambassadors with powerful and empowering stories, which it hopes will emphasise the message.

“Saikap is there to encourage people to obey themselves, obey their passion and dreams and get it out there,” he said.

Sprite Saikap began in Port Moresby yesterday with emphasis on expression through art, specifically, street art.

“This is a follow up from last year – however, last year was a bit smaller scale but reception received was so good, so they’ve decided to go on a full campaign rollout this year.

“Saikap will go up on all mediums,” Ilave added.

Local ambassadors include George Tau, break dancer /b-boy and possibly NZ international rapper Trigarow coming on board.

“Otherwise, we’ve got a whole range of youths and advocates to come on as ambassadors,” Ilave said.

Gloria Bauai