Port Moresby

EveryDay People : Rex Eka

Too many influences from bigger boys around the neighbourhood I was residing in that has taught me to do things that are not right by the Law. This has almost taken away my life. Sleeping on my death bed at the hospital, I came to realise that I have to change my behaviour. 

Brewery Marks 900 days Without Accident

SPB described it as a “more than a desirable event”, which objectively demonstrates their commitment to a safe work environment.

This achievement is the result of the constant drive to adopt best practices and standards to align the company to the most updated safety processes and principles.

SPB’s continuous attention to safety was confirmed by the launching of their revamped Life Saving Commitments in April.

“Safety is our first priority as we want all our staff to go home to their families safely, every day,” said Port Moresby Brewery manager, Coen Oreel.

Nominations In POM Continue

Vincent Manukayasi, MNW Returning Officer says the number of nominations will likely change by close of nominations on Thursday May 26.

Bill George MNE Returning Officer said nominations continue without much inconvenience at the Unagi Oval.

On Friday May 20, nominee and Independent Candidate Nelson Harabe of Ward 9 failed to file his nomination as his nomination fee had not been paid prior. The candidate arrived at Unagi Oval to pay the nomination fee but was told that could not happen.

Missing Person: Zoraina Hopkins

Description: Short, dark skin tone, black hair.

Her family is concerned and asks the public to call the numbers provided if you know of her whereabouts or have had any sightings of Zoraina: 78082306/72973507.

Zoraina is introverted, and does not have a phone or social media presence. This is the first time she has left the house on her own.

Softball Diamonds To Come Alive

According to the Port Moresby Softball Executive, the month of May promises to be the hottest month of more fast live softball action covering five tournaments over five Sundays with K5000 prize money up for grabs.

What is more exciting is that, this is the shorter version of softball, with a few twists and turns making it faster and entertaining.
For interested teams, there are only 10 slots available with K500 registration fee.

NMSA Conducts Vessel Wreck Removals

In recent years, the reported number of shipwrecks has increased in Port Moresby and in other maritime provinces.

The reports state that incidences of marine causalities of ships and the owners’ abandoning wrecks has caused barriers to safety of navigation, as well as causing damages to marine environments, and other coastal interests.

Police patrol streets for safe New Year

In a small briefing this evening before they set out, Police were told to ensure that the streets are safe for residents to welcome the new year.

The night patrol will begin at Vadavada and end at Gerehu.

The festive season operation for Police in NCD started before Christmas where police officers have been doing night patrols, setting check points including awareness for a peaceful New Year.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu has urged residents to celebrate peacefully.


NCD women protest SARV case

The women carried banners with slogans that called for a stop to violence against women, saying the sick barbaric practice of torturing women accused of sorcery, must end.

“We represent all the women and girls across the country. On behalf of all the women and girls, I call the government of today, the Prime Minister and the Police Commissioner to impose the bill on women’s rights and see to it that it is exercised. Right now, we feel threatened,” said Elice Siki, NCD Women’s Commissioner.

Ethnic Clash A Concern

This is according to many reports received by NCD Police regarding fighting in the city for the last few months. Police say particularly the Taris from Hela Province were always in the spotlight.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu when responding to media about the most reported crimes in the city said fighting among ethnic groups have increased recently.  

Mass Burial For Unclaimed Bodies

The mass burial came after a number of COVID-19 deaths reported in the country. National Pandemic Response Controller, David Manning, had authorised for the mass burial with the assistance from National Capital District Commission.

Two months earlier, the Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) Management raised concern of the mortuary capacity and that it was overflowing. 

According to Director for Curative Health, Dr Kone Sobi, there are currently in excess of 300 bodies.