20 shops reportedly looted

It was disaster and turmoil in the nation’s capital on Wednesday, January 10, 2024 as residents witnessed looting and burning of shops by opportunists.

Opportunists took advantage of a gathering of the police personnel at Unagi Oval, seeking to address discrepancies in their salaries.

While waiting for their concerns to be addressed by relevant authorities, opportunists seized the moment leading to widespread looting and burning down of shops in the city.

Two of the well-known family shops that were burnt include Stop N Shop and Papindo. Brian Bell group also lost their warehouse at Gerehu  Stage 6.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop in a statement expressed sadness over the loss of business to the owners of the shops and called for peace to be restored in the city.

“Today is a sad and somber day for our beloved city, Port Moresby, the capital of our beautiful nation, where, regrettably, we witnessed internal strife.

“As residents of this city, we collectively suffer, losing our peace and the essence of what makes our city special.

“I appeal for normalcy to be restored and for looting to stop while maintaining our view that what has happened is unacceptable, unforgivable, and unjustified under any circumstances.”

As of 12:30 midnight shops that were looted and burnt include:

  • Koki Big Rooster - in flames
  • North waigani sns - in flames
  • Rainbow SnS - in flames
  • Gerehu Mart - in flames
  • Gerehu Papindo - in flames
  • Gerehu Bissmillah - in flames
  • Bissmillah Bakery - in flames
  • Harbour City SnS - break & enter
  • Fone Haus town - break & enter
  • Hohola Eliseo - break & enter
  • Gerehu Supermarket - in flames
  • Gerehu Hardware - in flames,
  • Waigani Service Station - break & enter
  • Uni Roundabaut service station - break & enter,
  • Brian Bell warehouse Gerehu - break n enter (this is the worse one ever),
  • Koki pypoon supermarket - break & enter,
  • Tokarara Deshbesh - break & enter
  • Tokarara Tango - break & enter,
  • Boroko sbs - break & enter
  • Konedobu Desh Besh - in flames

There are also reports of looting in Lae, Kokopo and other centres around the country.

Prime Minister James Marape in a press conference this morning appealed to all citizens in the country to care and watch over our country.

“This is your country as much as my country. The care and watch over our country remain in our own hands. Breaking laws does not achieve certain outcomes that you want to achieve, whether your immediate need outcomes or our collective shared outcomes.”

He said the government under his administration considered the toil and plight of the people in tough times by increasing the free-tax threshold to K20,000.

Meantime, all shops in the city are closed indefinitely.

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