Tourism an economic driver

According to ministers gathered to promote tourism and cooperation in the region, after a week of discussions among Tourism Ministers from 21 Pacific Island countries that ended last Friday 20th October.

The CEO of SPTO, Christopher Coker, expressed satisfaction with the participants, who actively engaged in the talks throughout the week.

Wabag gears up for cultural festival

The people from Enga Province will celebrate their unique cultures, exhibit tourism products and services to both domestic and international tourists.  

The cultural festival will coincide with the official opening of Haus Man (Traditional Engan man’s house) and Cultural Research Centre for displaying of cultural objects/artifacts, tourism products.

Focus on green investments

The event, which falls on September 27th every year, aims to highlight the need for more investments for the sustainable development goals this year.

In his message, PNG Tourism Promotion Authority Chief Executive Officer, Eric Mossman Uvovo, said PNGTPA is staying true to the theme "tourism and green investment - investing in people, planet and prosperity".

Lae to be a ‘cruise ship hub’

The bureau’s executive officer, Maine Winny, said they are working in partnership with the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority “to make Lae a cruise ship hub”.

“They are very supportive of what we are doing here,” said Winny. “And of course, our Lae City Authority and the Morobe Provincial Government are supportive of this initiative.”

With rapid infrastructural development in PNG’s second largest city, including overwhelming support given by the provincial government and LCA to the Royal PNG Constabulary, the bureau is confident in achieving its dream.

Elevating NCD’s tourism appeal

This landmark agreement, signed on Friday, marks a pivotal moment in the effort to transform Port Moresby into a world-class tourist destination under the catchy tagline "Million Different Journeys in One Destination."

The MoU lays the groundwork for a collaborative effort between the two organizations to pool resources and actively promote Port Moresby's unique attractions, infrastructure, and signature events, both domestically and on the global stage.

‘Hidden’ South Pacific treasures on display

From the 17th to the 25th of July 2023, the vibrant roadshow, showcasing both the prominent and ‘Hidden’ Treasures of the South Pacific, offered attendees unique insights into the South Pacific’s diverse destinations, cultural experiences and natural wonders.

Trekking for tourism

The Remembrance Day 3-Day Trekking holds profound importance as it commemorates the moment when PNG soldiers united as a cohesive force, transcending tribal and clan boundaries for the first time.

The battle of Kokoda symbolized the convergence of two nations - Australia and PNG.

Rising star in NIP tourism

The owner of Karanas Comfort Tours is Alice Alu, who is originally from East New Britain Province but grew up in New Ireland.

As the name suggests, Alu takes care of visitors’ activities, accommodation and meals.

“I started this tour business to promote and market the beauty of the province I grew up and love so much,” said Alu.

“This is a way of giving back to the province since the New Ireland Provincial Government subsidised my education from primary school to the University of Technology.

NIP tourism sector needs support

Local business owners are tapping into the natural beauty of the maritime province, enticing local and international tourists to create unforgettable memories there.

Owner of the Venbert Cottage in Kavieng Town and the Putput Treehouse Resort, Steven Lavarabin, outlined that business has picked up after the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020.

Local businesses, especially in the tourism and hospitality industry, have formed networks to help each other out. However, the environment would be conducive if their Members of Parliament can support the industry as well.

Toare mask festival recognized

The local cultural event have held great performances showcasing Gulf’s unique masks through traditional performances over the years. 
At the festival in recognizing the cultural event, Minister for Art, Culture and Tourism, Isi Leonard on behalf of the National Cultural Commission declared the festival as a national event in the annual cultural calendar. 

This was marked by a presentation of certificate to the custodians of the festival with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Gulf Provincial Government and the NCC be made at a later date.