Port Moresby

VIDEO: Armed men cause confusion in Port Moresby

Pictures were posted online causing people to question and speculate about the reasons behind the men being in the country.

TVWan News investigates more.

Band drops yet-to-be-released songs

And lead singer George Sheppard says this is in fact the first time they have dropped all songs on the album, which is yet to be released.

It was a 16-song performance, including old hits like Let Me Down Easy and Bombs Away from the first album.

And before heading on to their next international tour, Sheppard shared this excitement with Papua New Guinea.

“It has always been our dream to come back and perform here so it was amazing. Thank you for having us. It was an awesome night,” George said after the performance.

PPP to set up two new government ministries

PPP Leader Ben Micah announced that as part of their policy, they are going to set up two most important ministries called Rural Development Ministry and Urban Development Ministry.

Micah made the announcement at Kaugere in the Moresby South electorate during PPP candidate Anna Skate’s first campaign rally.

Micah said they are going to reduce the public service by removing 11 government departments to create the two ministries.

The Rural Development Ministry will focus on transforming the lives of 80 percent of people living in the rural areas.

May 6: Great and groovy events to rock Port Moresby

If you live in the big city or are just visiting, here is a heads up of what you should be expecting.

The Bridal Show Port Moresby 2017

Here’s one show that will provide all options or direct you onto the path to that perfect wedding you want to have or planning for someone else.

The Bridal Show in Port Moresby, is on Saturday 6th May 2017, 11am - 4pm, at the Grand Papua Hotel.

The show brings together local and international exhibitors showcasing their products and services into PNG’s wedding industry.

​How early to start brushing?

18 months is safe, according to Colgate-Palmolive (PNG).

Colgate has a program called 'Mum You First' that educates mothers and caregivers of 18-month-old babies in medical health centres on how to introduce good oral health practices to their children early.

Most 18 month old babies can be involved because it is their last immunisation and is also safe to introduce supervised teeth brushing at this age.

Beware of carjackers!

This comes after a number of recent attempts of carjacking and holdup in the suburbs.

Gerehu police station commander, Robert Kurei, said the number of hold ups and carjacking has increased during this election period.

Most of these incidents happen when families are trying to drive into their residence or driving out.

“These men are doing this right at our doorsteps now and we urge residents to take a little more extra care during this time.”

Criminals are using the opportunity to their advantage when a lot is happening during the election period.

Alleged hit-and-run vehicle set on fire

Loop PNG was on scene to capture live images of thick black smoke arising from the burning vehicle as residents stood at the junction to prevent vehicles from going up the street.

According to eyewitnesses, the driver was drunk and was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident at Six-Mile. He panicked and tried to escape through Five-Mile by making a sharp turn at a street, where his car overturned.

The vehicle was set on fire by opportunists while the driver made a run for it before the newsroom arrived.

Night clubs: Any open this Easter?

You might want to rethink that idea.

Party-goers may have to consider confirming with night clubs before heading out this weekend, as some clubs will be close or host closed events over the Easter period.

Loop PNG talked with a few nightclubs:

The Cosmopolitan confirmed no activities from Friday through to Sunday.

Other smaller clubs like Regal Bar has also confirmed to be close though Easter.

Some have pushed forward events that were prior scheduled for the Easter weekend. 

Stations of the Cross come to an end in the Capital

Despite the extreme heat of the sun, parishioners reenacted the passion and suffering of Christ as the crowd looked on to witness the scene played by the youths.

Sir John Cardinal Ribat made an entrance to bless the Cross before it was to be brought into the church.

The congregation came in numbers escorted by traffic police to the final station which was taken up the parishioners of Mary Queen of Pacific.

This is the first time the Station of the Cross has taken a route up the Poreporena Freeway with a crowd numbering up to more than a thousand at one time.

Stations of the Cross now on last legs

Traffic police escort drove ahead to clear traffic as the congregation move into the final stretch of walk towards the last few stations.

The cross is currently at the 12th Station just outside Vision City with more people joining the procession or march.

This is the last leg of the walk as the congregation carries the Cross  and head for Mary Queen of Pacific Parish.

Stay tuned to Loop PNG for more updates.