Keith Iduhu

Concerns over census budget

Iduhu made this remark after Prime Minister James Marape released a statement last week on the census, stating that K200 million was allocated to implement the census.

However, after verifying with the application in the 2024 budget, the National Statistics Office (NSO) is only set to receive K100 million, after being allocated K50 million last year.

Iduhu assists with Seawall project

Iduhu praised the 12 selfless volunteers who came up with the initiative to protect the community from habitual threat of high tides and climate change.

According to Human Rights Watch, For PNG, it is facing more than double the global average in annual sea level rise and the worst is yet to come.

Iduhu shock and ashamed

Iduhu, who has also expressed his intention to resign from government following this, said “The violence, looting, and total disregard of the rule of law was not reflected of a democracy we (pride) ourselves on upholding.

“With just over a year to go until our country marks 50 years of Independence, our country should not be experiencing civil unrest, not to mention on an unprecedented scale,” expressed MP Iduhu.

Papa water consultation

During the festive season, Member Iduhu attended a community meeting at Papa village in Central’s Hiri West, to discuss water supply challenges affecting Papa, Bogi, and Metago.

Village leaders, Water PNG, LABA Holdings and representatives of the Hiri Koiari District Development Authority attended the meeting with villagers.

Iduhu calls for agreement between KCH and LOs

He said this is to ensure the landowners do not hold the city at ransom by issuing demands for payments and shutting down water and power.

Iduhu raised this after the landowners of Koiari shut down power and water to the city yesterday and demanded their K15 million overdue payment from the government yesterday.

“KCH must look for a way forward so you (the landowners) can sign a real agreement to ensure this must not happen again,” he said.

Iduhu Raises Concerns Over Connect PNG Program

Iduhu in a statement stressed that the government's immediate focus should be on improving district and provincial roads, enhancing social services, and boosting local economies, rather than forging ahead with the ambitious project.

All services are for Central people too: Parkop

Governor Parkop made this pledge during a presentation of materials recently in Sorgeri for local business owners of camp sites and guest houses.

Deputy Central Governor Willie Vave suggested the need for a district office for Central Province, to which Governor Parkop expressed his willingness to partner with Iduhu to achieve this.

Governor Parkop also announced that funds have been allocated to build markets in the area, and it is up to Iduhu and his team to determine their location.

Iduhu Pioneer MP For Hiri-Koiari

Iduhu won with 13,447 votes and coming in second was Steven John Manau with 9,742. The absolute majority was 11,595.

Returning Officer for Hiri-Koiari, Leo Ameua, acknowledged the tireless efforts of officers and the process of the elections held in the electorate as it was peaceful.

Iduhu with tears of joy spoke about how he will put his foot down to better the electorate, and to make sure Hiri-Koiari will come together and make a difference.

Delena Aid Post Opened

The refurbishment of the aid post was supported by lawyer, Keith Iduhu, who was approached by the Delena Committee to assist as the aid post had become dormant for over 10 years leaving the people to facing countless disadvantages of lacking medical support and supplies.

From 1979 to 2012 the people have had to travel to Yule Island to seek medical attention and within this time frame many have lost their lives trying to reach the Island on time.