National Capital District (NCD)

8th Tuna Forum Commences

The theme of the forum is, “Strengthening tuna sustainability and industry development in the Blue Pacific Continent through increased innovation, partnership, and participation”.

Present to launch the forum was Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), John Rosso.

Nation’s Capital begin Independence Celebrations

On September 16, 2023, Papua New Guinea commemorates 48 years of Independence as all take pride in the diverse culture, tradition and richness.

The Nation’s Capital, Port Moresby kick-started celebrations on the 1st of September, with a media launch informing its citywide blueprint to commemorate the National Day.

Healthcare waste management training completed

The training was conducted from 11-12 July by the National Department of Health through the World Bank-funded COVID-19 Emergency Response Project and was facilitated through the NCDPHA.

As demand for quality healthcare increases, healthcare waste also increases, consistent with population growth and expansion of medical services. Communities exposed to healthcare waste are at risk of injury and disease, including healthcare personnel and waste handlers.

Families claim eviction illegal

Gabutu was home to them for 40 years, they claimed that the police were acting on an illegal court order to evict them from their property. They are calling on relevant authorities to help seek legal interpretation.

Community leader, Aaron Jomis said they never received any information from the NHC in regards to the eviction. They claim they were illegally removed because someone has manipulated the system to claim the land.

Court documents have highlighted that the Portion of land belonged to NHC and not Decision 2000 Ltd, a company owned by Professor John Nonggor.

Safety affirmed for Koki

This has been boosted by the launch of the new police station at Koki. Badili Station Commander, Obert Jerry has assured great support to the protection of Koki residency.

“Since I was sent to Badili Police Station I felt like it was a big responsibility. From Koki, 2 Mile, Kaugere, Sabama and others in Moresby South it was a big area,” said Commander Jerry.

Koki gets new police station

On Sunday, July 9, 2023, authorities gathered with residents to open the police station.

A firm warning was issued to residents and members of the surrounding community to adhere to laws and participate in making the capital city a safe place to live in.

POM NID registration drive ends

The registration drive is in response to a ministerial directive issued on June 26th by the Public Service Minister Joe Sungi, for all NCD public servants on the government payroll to be registered.

In light of this directive, the PNGCIR has recognized the pressing need to ensure compliance among these public servants.

NCD police challenged to perform

This is the second parade directed this year in Moresby North East, spear headed by the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Chief Inspector Silva Sika.

The purpose of the parade is to highlight the issues of law and order in NCD and boost the performance of police offices making their role visible to the community.

Public safety officers and other specialist officers in each sectors of the police department took part in the parade.

Police Concerned Over Murders

The most recent incident occurred at the Manu Auto-port informal market on Thursday, June 15, where a Goilala man was brutally killed. The victim was chased by the perpetrators and hacked to death along the road.

In a media statement, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Anthony Wagambie Jr., condemned this act of violence. He said one suspect from Hela Province has been arrested and detained in connection with this killing.

NCDC works on minimizing flooding

City Manager, Ravu Frank, commended the positive outcome, but is emphasizing on the need for further work to address the issue permanently.

Measures taken include clearing encroachments, scaling up cleaning and unblocking drainages, and engaging hydrology engineers for lasting solutions.

An establishment for a demolition exercise was located in 26 areas in the city allowing the flow of drain waters. The exercise has already taken place and is currently in process in some areas where residents have encroached on reserves.