National Capital District (NCD)

PCNC getting ready for finals

Outstanding games will be played this Saturday, 4th of February, 2023. On the 11th of February, top 4 Playoff 1 and on the 18th of February will be the top 4 Playoff 2.

In the Premier Division, Moore Printing 1 is leading by 24 points, separated by a point is BSP 1 on 2nd place with 23 points. Reigning premiers Post Courier are on 3rd spot with 22 points and on 4th placing is NSL 1 with 16 points, who will fight hard to keep their final hopes alive.

Corporate Netball nears finals

The competition which has attracted over a hundred teams from the various corporate companies in the city fielding two teams each and played in Divisions as Team 1 and Team 2.

The NCD Private Companies Netball has a long history which started around 2003 with only 8 teams. 25 years on from those humble beginnings this season they have registered 102 teams.

The normal round of matches concluded on the weekend before they go into the play-offs which will feature 17 divisions with two teams in each division to challenge for the grand final playoff set for February 25.

Traffic Accident increasing in NCD

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police NCD/Central Commander Anthony Wagambie Jr, police were quick to the accidents.

Wagambie said the accidents occurred at 5 Mile, Gerehu, Armani and Vadavada. He said these were accidents broadcasted on the police radio.

ACP Wagambie added that police records showed that most traffic accidents that happened on the weekend were alcohol related.

Stolen cab recovered

Members of the Defence Force and Police assisted the stranded man and recovered the vehicle in less than 20 minutes from the time the matter was reported. 

The carjacking victim told police that he was at the Koki bus stop when a couple of youths approached him asking to be dropped off at Muniogo. After the pair got on and the taxi proceeded taking them to their destination, the pair pointed a gun and a knife at the driver and ordered him to stop and get out of the vehicle. The criminals drove off with the car. 

Southern Rugby 9s launched

More than 50 teams mostly from the Central Province assembled at the NFS today for the official launching.

The 52 teams have been placed in 13 Pools with the ever popular Aroma Coast teams dominating the tournament and Goilala stamps a mark in the 9s rugby sending in two teams, Tapini Snails and Minaru Storms. Gulf sends in a team, Gulf Ifearea.

The tournament is tailored for the youths of Southern region to participate over the next five days ending on 24 December 2022.

Patience wears thin on NCD Regional count

NCD which was one of the first province to poll in the first week of July is yet to declare a winner for the regional seat.

Election Manager Kila Ralai refused to comment on the delay of counting for the Regional seat today after this newsroom visited the Rita Flynn-counting venue.

Counting officials were seen moving into the Rita-Flynn counting centre at 3pm.

It is understood counting is still in its quality check stage.

Outside the Rita Flynn gate, a notice issued by Mr. Ralai to all scrutineers and counting officials read;

Exclusions Underway For MNE Seat

Moresby North-East is in Exclusion 68, taking the lead as of today, 11th of August is:

1. Andapanga Baliawe (IND) - 14,879 votes.
2. John Kaupa (PANGU Pati) - 12,865 votes.
3. Peter Dominic (APP) - 9,837 votes
4. Diane Unagi (ULP) - 9,698 votes
5. Labi Amaiu (NAP) - 8,644 votes

The officials are now distributing exclusion 68 - Andrew Mald.

Meanwhile, the NCD Regional seat is on the last counts. Ballot boxes were removed from the container to proceed counting.

Andapanga maintains lead in MNE counting

After elimination 50, Alfred Baliawe Andapanga was leading the Top 5 candidates, with  11, 215 votes. inclumbent MP John Kaupa was runnign second with 10, 562 votes.

  1. ALFRED B. ANDAPANGA – 11, 215
  2. JOHN KAUPA – 10, 562
  3. PETER DOMINIC – 7, 128
  4. LABI AMAIU – 6, 491
  5. DICKSON SAMAI – 6, 156

More updates to follow once 51st exclusion is completed.

Four Counting Officials Arrested

Counting for the regional seat have been suspended since last night.

Candidates including Michael Kandiu, Steven Kilage, Sylvia Pascoe, Fred Yakasa, Andy Bawa, Robert Agen laid the complaint at the Boroko police station this afternoon.

The candidates alleged on the evening of Monday 18th, 153 votes belonging to candidate Michael Kandiu was removed from the tally count in ward 4 at count 2 and added to another candidate.

“This was a deliberate move by the official,” Kandiu said.

Settlers attack Pari villagers

However, the villagers retaliated and chased them away.

The settlers, after being rejected, held up a PMV at the entrance of the village and ransacked passengers of their personal properties.

Pari villager Alice Penrose, was a passenger in the bus. She said the settlers stopped the bus and ordered them out before taking their belongings.

"They threatened us with knives and stones and pulled a girl out of the bus,” she said.

"This sort of behavior is outrageous and uncalled for in our society.