Justin Tkatchenko

Housing minister issues warning

Housing Minister Justin Tkatchenko says the NHC provides the lowest rental properties throughout PNG, where the maximum amount paid per month is K400.

Tkatchenko says he has been tasked to make sure all Papua New Guineans living in the National Housing Corporation and National Housing Estate Ltd properties pay for what they have signed up to do.

Minista tok nogat long salim NHC haus

Minista bilong Hausing na Ebenaisesen, Justin Tkatchenko, i tokaut long dispela tude long taim em i senisim ministri opis wantaim bipo minista, John Kaupa.

Ol minista insait long Marape-Steven kebinet bai gat sikispela mun long mekim wok strong long stretim ol wok bilong ol, long wanem ol bai i mas soim gutpela wok bilong ol insait long dispela ol mun.

Minista Tkatchenko i stopim wok bilong salim ol samting bilong NHC na tu long rausim ol famili husat i stap long ol dispela haus nau.

Ban on NHC house sale

Housing and Urbanization Minister, Justin Tkatchenko, announced the ban when taking over the ministry from former Minister John Kaupa.

Ministers in the Marape-Steven cabinet will have a hectic six months to get their houses in order, given the six months performance based ministries allocated to them.

Minister Tkatchenko has started with a blanket ban on the sale of all NHC properties, as well as evictions.

APEC assets ‘in order’

They are just waiting to be distributed through, he stressed, the proper process.

It is still unclear whether the much-talked about APEC luxury sports cars were procured using proper process.

However, both the APEC Minister and Prime Minister maintain that these vehicles – the 40 Maseratis and three Bentleys – will be sold in a transparent manner.

Tkatchenko criticises Barker’s ‘ongoing negativity’

The Minister made the comments after the INA director talked down the independent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers that Papua New Guinea can expect around K9 billion in investment after hosting APEC.

“Mr Barker claims to know more than the internationally respected accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers and its analysis of investment coming after Papua New Guinea hosted APEC,” said Tkatchenko.

APEC VIP vehicles no longer with Authority: Minister

APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko said they are now being handed over to the Central Supply and Tenders Board and the Finance Department.

“They will then tender them out to those who are interested in those vehicles,” stated the Minister.

“And I believe that most of the vehicles have already been booked and are now ready for transfer to their new owners.

“We no longer have anything to do with the VIP vehicles.”

Lands Minister intent on changing perceptions

Minister Justin Tkatchenko made this known during the swearing-in of the Central Province Land Board on December 11th.

Tkatchenko did not defend the Lands Department, instead saying that the label of most corrupt department was not far from the truth.

However, as the new minister, he aims to change that by putting the right people in place as well as the right processes and reforms to change the department once and for all.

Tkatchenko further highlighted a challenge within the Lands Department, and that is the issue of Incorporated Land Groups, or ILGs.

APEC venues will be utilised: Minister

The National Museum and Arts Gallery, which was refurbished by the Australian government, will be used for revolving exhibition and other tourism-related activities.

The summit left Port Moresby iconic facilities, including the APEC Haus, which can hold up to 1,000 people.

Minister responsible said all venues will be utilised for department meetings and other events to assist cut down cost of hosting events in hotels.

“One thing that is important is that it must be utilised for everybody’s benefit and not become a big white elephant,” Minister Tkatchenko said.

APEC Minister clarifies misconceptions

Minister Tkatchenko said although there will be restrictions, the city will not be on lockdown.

He said residents can move about freely as long as they adhere to the regulations and refrain from causing disruptions.

Minister Tkatchenko confirmed that as of October 30th, the National Executive Council has approved Friday, November 16th, as a nationwide public holiday.

Tkachenko condemns Aust politician’s statement

Pauline Lee Hanson, an Australian politician and founder and leader of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party, in a video widely circulating on social media platforms, called for the withdrawal of Australian aid to PNG.

Hanson, whilst expressing her anger at the PNG Government's recent purchase of forty Maserati for APEC next month, described the current Government’s deals as ‘corrupt’.