Public servants

Public Servants continue strike

The strike began on Monday June 6, 2022 after workers learnt Lau had been appointed to lead them. They also questioned the Lau’s qualification and requested that the Department of Personnel Management meet with them physically to explain the process and criteria used.

Friday’s phone conversation with Secretary Taies Sansan, and the threat of disciplinary action against those who refuse to return to work, has had no impact.

Reservist Public Servants Released For Election Duties

The police reservists have been permitted to assist the Royal PNG Constabulary and the Electoral Commission.

The reservist officers will assist over the period of 12th May to 29th July, 2022.

Department of Personnel Management (DPM) Secretary, Taies Sansan said these officers will be put on their normal pay for the period specified, unless the services of a requested officer are essential to be running the Department’s operations, in which he or she must not be released.

Public Servants Released For Election Duties

The Department of Personnel Management has issued circular No. 6 of 2022 for all National Departmental Heads, Provincial Administrators, Heads of other Public Authorities, and Public Servants to release their staff with full pay during the said period.

In another Circular No. 8 of 2022, DPM has approved the release of Public Servants from their duties to have the opportunity to cast their votes during the voting period commencing July 9 to July 22.

DPM Secretary, Taies Sansan said all Public Servants are encouraged to arrange to cast their votes in their own time.

Health Awareness For Public Servants

Professor Kevau was invited to give a health talk to the staff made a presentation on communicable and non-communicable diseases.

The main difference between communicable and non-communicable diseases is that the former is contagious and can be transmitted from one individual to another. On the other hand, non-communicable diseases are not infectious.

Public Servants Warned To Get NID Cards

This directive was put forth by the National Electoral Commission to have government departments registered into the system.

Registrar General of PNGCIR, Noel Mobiha held a press conference yesterday to urge public servants to get their NIDs secured and registered, following a decision made by the government to address the lack thereof in this sector.

“We’ve been sending our teams to the departments, (but) none of them turn up to get registered,” he said.

Public Servants’ Off Days

In a circular issued to all heads of departments, provincial administrations and heads of statutory bodies, the Department of Personnel Management said the 4 days are paid shutdown days and are not to be accrued if not taken.

DPM Secretary, Taies Sansan, said: “They are allocated days for the convenience of closing of government offices however, officers who are required to work to cater for essential and rostered arrangements will not be paid overtime but will be awarded a paid day off at a later time.

Public servants complete training

A training was conducted for public servants who are key role players in the sub-national administrations, up-skilling them in the delivery of basic government services. These key role players included Provincial and District Administrators (Chief Executive Officers), Provincial and District Finance Managers, Sector Heads/Advisors, Accountants, Project Managers, DDA Members, and JPP & BPC, who lacked competency. 


Public servants vaccinated

Two heads of agencies were among those who received their vaccinations.

The Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, Taies Sansan, and the Chief Censor, Jimmy Abani, were among staff from DPM, Immigration & Citizenship Authority, Foreign Affairs and others who got their jabs yesterday.

Prior to the vaccination conducted by the NCD Provincial Health Authority team, the acting public health executive manager, Dr Lucy John, said they were happy to provide vaccines to officers housed at the building.

Public Servants Urged To Get A Jab

He made this call after the National Control Centre advised that there is evidence of rising COVID-19 cases, particularly Delta Variant.

“It is important that we now make a call for the bureaucracy and the public service to take the lead by getting vaccinated in order to protect yourself, co-workers and families. This is not a mandatory imposition on anyone.

“For the moment, our advisors point vaccine as the only option to protect us against the effects of COVID-19,” added Mr Pomaleu.

Over 2,000 public servants to retire

He said the Marape-Basil Government has continued to honour its commitment to pay out public servants through the public service retirement exercise.

Minister Sungi confirmed that the government has paid out 37 public servants on pay 17 (27th August) as part of the first batch of retirees for 2021 who have reached compulsory retirement age, and others who are being retired on medical grounds.