Public servants

Public Servants salary will be refunded: PM

Prime Minister James Marape in a media statement released today has reassured public servants throughout the country that after the upcoming pay run, everything will return to normal.

He made this announcement following a meeting with suspended Finance Secretary Sam Penias, suspended Treasury Secretary Andrew Oaeke, and suspended Personnel Management Secretary Taies Sansan.

SILAG to accept students from Pacific region

Department of Personnel Management Secretary Taies Sansan said this after attending the 16th Pacific Public Service Commissioners Conference in Wellington, New Zealand held from November 13-16, 2023.

Ms Sansan highlighted the importance of training public servants in the region to better deliver services to our people.

ENB gov't officials urged to be accountable

Deputy Provincial Administrator for District and LLG Affairs Nicholas Larme made this call during the annual LLG Leaders Conference this week at the Gazelle International Hotel in Kokopo.

The four districts-Kokopo, Rabaul, Gazelle and Pomio each presented a diagnosis to address strategies in their respective LLGs and wards. 

Mr Larme said the presentations have been an eye opener especially for the LLG presidents and indicated the missing link between the administration and political heads.

Civil servants’ housing woes discussed

Announcing two major policy directives by the National Department of Personnel Management (DPM), the department’s Director for the New Guinea Islands region, Rhymbi Kokiva, said this is one of the policies under the public service reform in the area of human resource.

Ms Kokiva said this after the DPM reform workshop for NGI, that was aimed at providing information and awareness on policy directives from the DPM. It was also to consult and gauge feedback from key stakeholders on how best to go about implementing those key government directives.

POM NID registration drive ends

The registration drive is in response to a ministerial directive issued on June 26th by the Public Service Minister Joe Sungi, for all NCD public servants on the government payroll to be registered.

In light of this directive, the PNGCIR has recognized the pressing need to ensure compliance among these public servants.

NID registration drive for public servants

Based on the ministerial directive issued to the Department of Personnel Management on June 26th by Public Service Minister Joe Sungi, which stated that all public servants paid through the government payroll must be registered by the end of June.

The PNGCIR have identified the urgent need for the registration of these public servants. Therefore, the NID registration drive commenced on Saturday July 8th and conclude on Sunday July 9th. The designated venues for registration will be Moale Haus and NID Haus in Waigani.

Public servants without NID to be axed

Minister for Public Service, Joe Sungi in a statement issued this warning on Monday.

The Public Service Ministry has directed Department of Personnel Management (DPM) to adhere to the Ministerial Directive No.1/2023 which was issued on the January 26, 2023.

Minister for Public Service, Joe Sungi said this directive issued to all heads of agencies stipulates that Public Servants paid through GoPNG Payroll will have to be registered by the end of June to remain on payroll, as part of the exercise to identify ghost employees paid through the government payroll.

Comply with gov’t procurement process

This was stressed by the Provincial Finance Advisor, Marsha Paulias during a two-day Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) in-house training which started yesterday for Section 32 officers and Authorised Requisition Officers (AROs).

The Section 32 officers comprise of the Provincial Administrator, Deputy Provincial Administrators, Sector Advisors, District Administrators and LLG Managers; while AROs are the administration officers.

East New Britain was one of the first provinces to pilot the IFMS in 2017 which replaced the old Provincial Accounting System.

Signing paves way for public servants housing

The Financial Advisory Services Agreement (FASA) was signed on Tuesday 23rd of May, 2023, marks a historical event on Public Servants Housing. 

The FASA will see IFC act as the exclusive lead advisor in the design and implementation of the Public Service Housing Project in a Whole of Government (WoG) approach, by the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council (PM&NEC), and the Department of Personnel Management (DPM). 

Overseas training bids for public servants’ opens

The Australian Awards Scholarships application date opens on February 1st and closes on May 1st, 2023.

Interested applicants for the UK Commonwealth and Chevening Scholarships can visit the website early August and September of 2023 to prepare well for the 2024 and 2025 application process which will close in early November 2023.