Public servants

Public servants vaccinated

Two heads of agencies were among those who received their vaccinations.

The Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, Taies Sansan, and the Chief Censor, Jimmy Abani, were among staff from DPM, Immigration & Citizenship Authority, Foreign Affairs and others who got their jabs yesterday.

Prior to the vaccination conducted by the NCD Provincial Health Authority team, the acting public health executive manager, Dr Lucy John, said they were happy to provide vaccines to officers housed at the building.

Public Servants Urged To Get A Jab

He made this call after the National Control Centre advised that there is evidence of rising COVID-19 cases, particularly Delta Variant.

“It is important that we now make a call for the bureaucracy and the public service to take the lead by getting vaccinated in order to protect yourself, co-workers and families. This is not a mandatory imposition on anyone.

“For the moment, our advisors point vaccine as the only option to protect us against the effects of COVID-19,” added Mr Pomaleu.

Over 2,000 public servants to retire

He said the Marape-Basil Government has continued to honour its commitment to pay out public servants through the public service retirement exercise.

Minister Sungi confirmed that the government has paid out 37 public servants on pay 17 (27th August) as part of the first batch of retirees for 2021 who have reached compulsory retirement age, and others who are being retired on medical grounds.

Public Servants Lack Proper Ethics

In recent years, in an effort to rectify the problem of ethics and lack of values-based culture blamed on the public sector workforce, selected groups of public servants have been attending ethics and leadership courses at the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (PILAG) every year since 2015.

Public Servants Graduate

Institutions like the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance are offering programs and courses to help improve efficiency of public servants.

And in the public service manpower is very important in all provincial levels, and for a province like Gulf, manpower depends on training the public sector.

Last Friday during the 3rd graduation of the institution.

Esther N'drileng Mai aged 29, from Sou in Manus Province and Kevin Ehari were the only two graduates from Gulf. They were part of more than 200 Public Servants who graduated.

Yama Questions Re-Arrest Of Public Servants

Those arrested include former Acting Provincial Administrator Joseph Kunda, Acting Provincial Finance Manager Helen Kanimba, Provincial Finance Examiner, Loimeng Bande, and Clerk of the Provincial Assembly Henry Kambuka.

Yama described the manner of arrest as cruel and criminal in nature.

They were arrested over allegations of misappropriation of the K6 million Manam funds.

This is the same matter, which the same officers were arrested for, twice before.

Enforcing Time and Attendance For Public Servants

This will be done through the enforcement of the Special General Order 11 of 2019 (SGO11) which is a binding lawful instruction determined by the National Executive Council.

DPM Secretary Taies Sansan issued a circular instruction advising all heads of national departments, government agencies and provincial administrations to take heed of the measures to be enforced to ensure SGO11 is implemented accordingly.

Public servants inducted

The induction came after the officers attended the public service induction program facilitated by the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (PILAG).

Participants covered three major topics in the induction program that included: General orientation of the public service; Orientation of the agency (central and line departments); Agency arrangements and the Orientation of the participants’ individual job responsibilities.

Public servants warned to mask-up

“Since the Isolation Strategy came into effect on Monday 22nd, I am seeing a difference in compliance,” said National Pandemic Controller, David Manning.

“I want to thank business houses for following the Niupela Pasin in ensuring that clients and customers have masks on before they can be allowed to do business.”

He then added, “This is a warning to government offices that have been slow to follow the Isolation Strategy imposed, that masks are mandatory.

“Departments will be penalised if they do not comply.”

Public servants to be tested

This will be one of the measures enforced as part of the national isolation strategy.

In a joint circular issued by the Department of Personnel Management Secretary, Taies Sansan, and Controller David Manning, it was outlined that some agencies have already commenced testing beginning March 8th and are awaiting results.

“Subject to the results of the test, public servants who test positive will automatically be isolated and a second test is required until the result is negative and they can resume work.