National Capital District (NCD)

​Officials convoying back to EC headquarters

This also includes disgruntled voters, who lined up in front to demand answers as to why polling was called off in NCD.

Tension is seen to be very high around the Boroko area at the moment as police vehicles are escorting all officials back to the EC head office.

Many disgruntled voters and candidates are very unhappy about the turnout of events in the nation's capital and are demanding answers from officials.

More and more people are gathering and police presence is seen to be more active now, to control and escort officials to bring in the polling materials.

​Confusion at NCD polling sites

Some polling officials are not aware of the decisions made to defer polling.

Team 3 and 4 of Moresby North-East, stationed at Three-Mile, set up at 9:30am.

The officials confirmed polling materials on site but no word yet from the authorities.

A few police personnel were on site.

In the meantime, people who have gathered at polling sites are being advised to wait for official notice.

In the case of box 5, voting commenced at 9am but had to close by 10 upon word of deferral.

​NCD polling deferred!

The Electoral Commission confirmed this morning after confusion hit the nation’s capital at the start of its one-day polling.

All electorates in NCD will go to the polls on Friday after electoral officials raised concerns over their allowance not being paid last night.

There is also confusion over the electoral roll as most eligible voters’ names are not on the roll. Even some candidates’ names are not on the roll.

NCD, Central election security operations launched

Members of the RPNGC, PNGDF and the CS started off with a parade march along the one lane street outside the police station and later lined up in front of the station.

Assistant Commissioner of Police for Operations, Jim Andrews stressed to the officers that there shouldn't be any separation between the forces and that it is important they maintain a good working relationship.

ACP Andrews urged the public that it is not only the responsibility of the police but for everyone to take ownership of the 2017 General elections.

​Police report string of deaths in Pom

Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, said since last Thursday, 10 deaths have been reported to police.

Details of the deaths vary as all eight men and two women were killed at different times and at different locations in the city.

Apart from two people killed in an election-related incident at Vadavada last weekend, other deaths were related to domestic arguments and ethnic clashes.